How do you gracefully eat large pieces of sushi?

gogwmosMay 28, 2012

I have found a new roll that I love, but each piece is about 3" across, too big to fit it all in my mouth, it's about 3 full bites worth.

I enjoy using chopsticks, but it is difficult to take bites off using them. How do I eat large pieces of sushi?

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and you can't cut it either, right? i don't how messy it is or can you pick it up with your fingers? when we have egg rolls we do...(about the same lenth)

how about asking the chef?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I see people who eat sushi shoving the most enormous pieces of that stuff into their mouths, then can barely close their mouths. I personally do not eat the stuff but I promise you I would be using a fork and knife and cutting it up into pieces that would not choke a horse before I ate it. It is seriously a choking hazard to try to put a single piece of food that large into the mouth. And it really is not very appetizing to have to see someone trying to eat it.
So my advice for what it is worth is do what is safe and how we were taught to eat, use utensils. It is not worth choking to death over.

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Have always just bit off what I could put in my mouth and eaten the rest on the second attempt.

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I've never seen anyone eat Sushi gracefully. Like Raven said, they look like they are in an eating contest - not pretty. I don't eat it either, but have seen others do so - yuk!

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Mmmm, sushi! I've been told that it is correct etiquette to eat sushi with fingers or chopsticks. I've had the same situation, wondering if I should try to eat the whole thing or not, since they fall apart when you take a small bite. It might be a good idea to ask that the chef slice the rolls into smaller pieces.

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I enjoy sushi too. I use chopsticks on sushi pieces like fish, but it's impossible to use on the rolls. Unless it's a cucumber roll which are bite-sized. For California rolls & the bigger pieces, I use my fingers. Dip the piece in the soy/wasabi mix, then take a normal bite & enjoy. It may take me 3 bites to finish one slice, but I'm not about to shove the whole thing in my mouth & not be able to chew. And don't worry, no one is watching how you eat. We're all too busy enjoying the food.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Fingers are fine to eat sushi rolls with. On some choices, the seaweed wrapping is too tough to bite through unless you are holding it with your fingers.

What was in this yummy roll?

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Thanks all! It is a chef's special at Say Sushi, it is shrimp and crab meat with cream cheese and cucumber wrapped in seaweed and rolled in rice then rolled in tempura flakes.

I rarely eat in, I usually do carryout when my husband is working, and I do eat this one with my fingers and take three smaller bites to finish the piece, but I didn't know the etiquette of eating out. I really don't care what I look like, but no one could eat this gracefully in one piece!

I even take the smaller rolls and take two bites with them, I totally agree that people look like idiots with their mouths stuffed. I like smaller bites where I can enjoy the flavors of each ingredient.

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It's perfectly acceptable to eat sushi with your fingers. You should always use chopsticks when eating sashimi.

Sushi,spring rolls and the like are finger food. Just like you would eat a tea sandwich with your fingers but eat tuna salad with a fork.

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I have an elderly Chinese lady who is an old friend, and who just happens to own one of the best Chinese Buffets I have ever been to.

I don't know if it would be considered formal dining in China, but I do what she taught me.

When you take the Sushi grab an empty rice bowl. Pick up the Sushi with your chopsticks in your right hand while holding the empty rice bowl under your chin with your left hand. As you bite a piece off the Sushi, if the remained falls it will land in the empty rice bowl and you can just pick it up again and continue on.

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You can use your fingers. I can't imagine being served a long roll. California roll is usually in a cone shape which is eaten with the fingers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video: How to Eat Suchi

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I've seen Asian people do that often, Lazypup.

I like my fingers, and take more than one bite. Love the california rolls, dipped in the combined soy sauce and wasabi.

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