Need to cover my windows in my kitchen - corner dilemma

phiwwyApril 11, 2013

Sorry for the old pix but this best shows the windows meeting in a corner. I'm looking at various solar shades but how to treat the corner?

Only one set can take an inside mount. So I have to do an outside mount. Would you install on window casing itself? Can that even be done since it's not flat? Or would you install on the flat part of the casing, leaving about an inch on each side exposed? Then how to make them meet in the corner?

Or would you install above? I was hoping to keep the paint showing on top because I don't want to get too close to the half round window.


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I'd do a cafe rod installed slightly above the midway point. There are rods that have a bend for a corner.....then rings and sheer fabric. I don't think there is a particularly good way to do solar shades there and the light filtering of fabric and ability to swoosh them to open and close double hung windows beats dealing with rollers to get one's hand behind to open/close/adjust window.The skylight is the "heavy" player in terms of light anyway.Lovely "no" window treatment an option?

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Can you explain why inside mounts can't be used on both windows?

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How about something like this:

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Or this:

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Or this?? Just kidding but this might be a cute idea for a vintage-y kitchen

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Very funny dazed, the last pix. I like the first pix - it's hard to tell how they are mounted.

the reason I can't do inside mount is because the left wall is 4" and the right is 6", therefore on the left set of windows there is not enough depth to mount anything. :(

I would love to go without - but this faces south, and there is also a sliding door, 2 skylights so it can get really warm and blinding for most of the morning.

I'm posting a link to the finished kitchen - I think you'll see that a simple solar shade with no or very little texture is probably the way to go, as there is plenty of texture otherwise.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of finished kitchen

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I have corner windows as well (west facing) and I'm going to use an inside-mount sheer roller blind for privacy and afternoon light control. It only needs 3/4" at the top and a reverse roll will require even less at the bottom. I also know some of the honeycombs are even thinner. I'm combining it with a valence, panels or romans at the top to make it all more decorative.

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As Herbflavor suggests, curtains that would flutter in a breeze would add charm and be a softening feature in a room of rigid elements. These days they're not the usual thing either. You'd be avant garde.

One of these days I'll come on line and find that curtains are once again "haute" among the middle classes. I've been watching for some years now, frankly, but only see them in magazines like Elle or House Beautiful or in the occasional commercial. Peculiarly, the kitchen in Something's Gotta Give had curtains, but they were about the only detail not copied adoringly.

Just not their time again yet? Could the fact that our 10-year-olds could sew up a set of custom tiers using Grandma's old sewing machine also be a factor in their delay?

(The over-unified decor industry is making me very cynical these days. What do shipping containers and the cost of cargo space have to do with all the flat picture frames we see everywhere?)

Have fun, Phyl. Your room's lovely, and I do agree that solar shades would be very attractive and functional.

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Circus Peanut

Cafe curtains would be great, esp. with the banquette under them. Francoise has them and it looks lovely, plus it's easy for folks sitting there to open them to look out if desired.

By the way -- puppy wants to go out. ;-)

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modern life interiors


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