Depth Decision Made! I got some sleep last night!

hrunnergirlOctober 22, 2010

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to help a newbie! I so appreciate it. I have been losing MUCH sleep over this project. My husband says I am no "Project Manager" as I am indecisive to the CORE and every time I make a huge decision I get a headache! Ha

We decided to go with a 20x50 vinyl pool with 8 foot deep end. I think we will have the best of both worlds with plenty of shallow and a deep end. I just can't believe what a jumping board costs! Apparently, with the salt water system, a special board is needed and it has to be 8 foot since we will have an auto safety cover!

Thanks again for all of your feedback! Sounds like we will be digging a week from Monday! We have had 4 trees moved but will have to have another moved this week since we have opted to go 50 feet.

Will post pics as we go!

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Good decision! I'm jealous as we could only go 38' in length due to property line setbacks. Because of that, our deep end is only 6' plus no board. You guys are gonna love your pool; congrats! And, sleep tight!

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Good luck, and don't forget to post pictures along the way. Scott and Kelly and other pros on here have helped me and lots of other folks by pointing out items of concern to discuss with the builder.

I might suggest you also join up to forum. They tend more to owner maintenance than build & appearance info, but you can still find lots of good stuff to read and learn - things like getting a good pool test kit. Example: my local store gave me numbers on several visits that just weren't possible, such as Calcium Hardness going from 350 to 200 then back to 400 all in one week. Knowing how to maintain will save you a bunch of $$$ over the years.

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"....a special board is needed and it has to be 8 foot since we will have an auto safety cover!"

I presume that's because the board will be above the reel. When we moved in, our board was only about 8 in. above the deck and so I had to raise it about an additional 1 ft to accommodate a solar cover reel

Hrun incidentally I agree with Joan about the size and style you've elected.; Just one more thing: Consider orienting the pool in such an direction that the prevailing wind will help move flotsam toward the skimmer, especially if you plan vf

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Congratulations!!!! I know what you mean, once we decided which PB to go with I was finally able to sleep through the night. In the end I'm sure you'll feel so good knowing how much time and research you put into the depth and other decision points.

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I am so happy for you! I agree with Marta, you will really appreciate in the end all the research you put into ALL of your decisions. I think you have made excellent decisions so far...good luck!

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