South of Boston Pool Build

marta_pOctober 18, 2010

Hi all - well first, sending a HUGE thank you to all who have helped provide input and support over the past few months as we worked through our research and negotiations! We seriously could not have done it with out this forum and very much appreciate everyone's generosity! Thank you.

We finally signed with a pool builder over the weekend. In the end we chose Pools by Andrews, however, we were impressed Environmental and South Shore Gunite. Digging should start in a few weeks and we'll do up through gunite this year and finish in the spring. Here's a high level run-down of our specs. If anyone has any specific questions feel free to e/mail me and I'll help in any way I can.

16' X 36' mountain lake freeform, 3' - 8' deep with jump rock, sunshelf and swimout. 7' spa, raised but with shared equipment. Gas heat.

2 LED color lights

PDA PS8 pool and spa combo

Currently caribbean blue pebble tec, but hoping to upgrade to blue granite pebble sheen.

Technobloc blu decking (700 square feet)

Hopefully I'll have an official CAD drawing and Pool Studio photo soon!

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Excuse me mart if I'm repeating myself but if it's not too late you might consider orienting it in such a way that your prevailing wind helps carry flotsam to the skimmer

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Thanks delehileman, I did see that recommendation in another post and will definitely as the PB to do just that. No need to work against nature!

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Hi marta -

Our pool builds are very similar. First of all, I'm in the same climate - north suburb of Detroit. We haven't started digging yet. The wood frame went up yesterday and we're still waiting for final approval from our HOA - hopefully by the end of the week. We'll excavate and pour and then finish in the spring. It'll be interesting to see both our shells covered in snow this winter. LOL. Give us something to look forward to, right?

Like you, we're also doing a free form, 4' - 8' pool with jump rock, shelf and swimout. No spa, as we've got a freestanding Hot Springs spa in the yard that we use in the winter.

It's nice to have someone to suffer the process, scratch that...ENJOY the process with.


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Yes, will definitely suffer through with you this winter! I've been so focused on researching and negotiating that once we signed the contract on Sunday I felt a little lost. The PB is supposed to paint the shape of our pool today so fingers are crossed we'll like what we see. I'm terrified that the pool will be too big for our yard and so seeing the paint will be a huge help. Are you putting a temporary fence around your shell this winter? I'm thinking we'll need to?

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Marta your thanks are encouraging in this panoply of interpersonal antagonism

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Definitely a temp fence. I'm kind of hoping they'll stall the dig until after Halloween. The idea of a a bunch of kids running through our dark backyards with nothing but one of those flimsy orange saftey fences around our Big Hole O' Money makes me nervous!

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I'm so excited, we got the word on Monday that we're scheduled for pebbletec tomorrow and water on Friday!!! It's been just about a year since I started my research and since we did a fall/spring build, this project has been like a second job for me. I've been terrible about posting pictures, but I have been taking them, so I'm hoping to upload some this weekend. I really can't believe that it's almost done and want to thank everyone for their great help through this process!! Wahoo!!!!

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Well alrighty then. Bring on the pics! So exciting.

You and I started our pools at the same time but I'm so far behind. We don't even have plumbing yet. Sigh. It's been raining buckets since April.

I'm patient but if something doesn't start happening next week (sunny & 70s) heads are gonna roll.

When they started working on yours again this spring, how long was it before you got to the point your'e at now??

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You poor thing, I can't imagine how frustrated you are! The PB got a lot done the first week in April, I think the first week they wrapped plumbing and electric, and then began to work on the tile and prep for decking. Our gas was installed at the end of April and May was largely decking and veneer on the spa, which took a while as the mason ran out of materials... I did learn last night that they won't pebble until tomorrow, that was disappointing. Also, while they did drain the pool yesterday in preparation for the pebble, I noticed this morning that there's a bunch of water in the deep end and I'm freaking out. I e/mailed our PB project manager and am hoping to hear back from him, but I have a have a dreadful feeling that this might not be as easy as I was hoping.
I know rain really hamstrings the PBs - but isn't there anything they can do? Are they in constant touch about plans? Do you have a "end by" date in your contract? We had Memorial Day in ours, so we're just in time if all goes well. Fingers are crossed for you - I know you must be going crazy!!

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Bannana Fanna: I am in the Milford, MI area and thinking about a pool.

Can you contact me regarding your choice of builder? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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