Portable Ice Maker... anyone have one?

dbfirewifeMay 8, 2013

I am ready to purchase a counter top portable ice maker. The one in our refrigerator just cannot keep up with us in the summer. My husband golfs every day of the world and makes a huge Bubba Keg of water or pop. I make a lot of ice tea in a Mr. Coffee ice tea maker and I do love to fill the pitcher with ice instead of water... so we just use a lot of ice around this house. I am aware that they do not keep the ice frozen once it makes, when the ice melts the water is recirculated and made into more ice.
I wondered if anyone here has or has had one, what brand and if you were happy with it?....

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I went to Amazon and read their reviews, so that should be helpful to you.

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I was hoping someone would post their personal experience. Because, based on Amazon, the Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker linked below would be stellar. Six reviews all of them five starts. Wonder if that is the best?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon link

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I have an stainless steel Igloo brand ice maker. If you want ice quickly this is not the one. We use it all the time in the summer. Once it makes ice it stays frozen. I think it makes 25 pounds a day. I make it a couple times a week and just bag it and put it in our freezer. I bought it on sale for $89.00.

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We had one from Home Depot and used it several times for our summer parties which was convenient. It worked quite well. You could choose from three sizes to make the cubes.

We have since sold it on CL due to getting a fridge with an ice maker, otherwise, we would have kept it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ice Maker

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I researched these heavily recently for my mother in law, we concluded this was not the way to go. One of the reasons is that there were many complaints of how hot it made the room because it vents the air off the motor into the room. Many people buy them for RV use and several of the reviews there said they had to put them outside the RV because of the heat issue. Be sure that where ever you put one the counter or backsplash will not be damaged by the heat exhaust.

One of these small installed ice makers cost a little more but are much more useful. My sister went with one of this type and they love it. I don't recall the brand they got.
Built-In Ice Maker

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I wouldn't mind one myself. We have a 31 cu ft refrigerator and the ice maker doesn't always keep up with us either. Luckily we have a neighborhood club house with a huge ice machine which I use to fill a cooler a 2-3 times a week. If I saw a great deal, I'd buy an ice machine. I'd put it in the garage to avoid the heat/exhaust issue. I think I'll put portable ice maker in my deal alerts!

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Debi... The Magic Chef is the brand I have been looking at... but it is 139.00 at Walmart vs 189.00 at Home Depot.

ravencajun... Interesting.. I haven't read anything about the heat from them, that is definitely something to research, thanks for that tip.

Robb333... that is a great looking stainless steel model for sure... the only problem is, I could not find the measurements of it.. unless I just overlooked them. Also, it did not say where the vent it, possibly on the left side, or back, since it shows the right side... That would be nice to know since it's possible I might actually use it on the counter top. I have a big enough pantry to use it in, or in the garage, haven't really decided...

I do know that Target has some instock so think I will go look at them, it would be a lot easier to return something from there.... If I don't like them I think I will order the Magic chef from Walmart...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If you have a Camping World store around you they keep a few models in stock. I looked at some there.

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I have one made by Magic Chef. I have not used it since I bought my new refrigerator, but may have to sometime again, especially when I have to make a lot of iced tea. I like mine very well, the only thing is it does not store any ice, if left in it will melt. I bought mine at Kohl's some years back paid around $75 for mine then with discounts.


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