Choice of 2 Floors--Back Again!

pam533May 8, 2013

I posted this on the kitchen forum, but it seems like this forum gets more traffic, so posted it here, too. You all have helped me so much before that I am back again. I badly need help with my choice of kitchen floor. I have posted before and you didn't like any of my choices--although I wasn't crazy about them either. Now it is down to a diagonal 9' tile pattern or a large cream tile pattern with a very small grout line (I was told this is the incoming 'look' by the salesperson). Anyway, I am in Seattle, the rain capital, so I am afraid to put anything too dark on my floor for fear it will depress me. This floor stretches out a good way and into a laundry room and bathroom. I am going against the grain and getting a resilient floor since I have pets and grandkids over, etc. and this floors backs up to a patio door and a garage door where my husband works on his classic Mustangs. So, it has to be durable! Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choice of 2 Floors

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Diagonal all the way is my vote! I did it in a small half bath and it adds SO much to have it laid that way.

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my3dogs, do you think it matters that the diagonal tile pattern is only 9"? People have told me that is too small for a kitchen, but I can't find a color that looks nice with my counters in a bigger pattern. That is why I decided to maybe go with the large cream pattern. I sure would love a pic of your kitchen!

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I like the diagonal tile too. Do you have wide open spaces in there? If not, then the diagonal is probably the right size.

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Yes, I do have a big, wide open space where the table is and I have a big china hutch. I have been told by so many people that this 9" Flexitec floor will look "busy". That is why I'm so confused! Sure would love to see someone's diagonal small tile floor.

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Hmm, Pam, I can't speak to that, and I couldn't find any images online, but what I did find was several posts from Garden Web on the subject. I've linked the page that I Googled, and if you look at the 6th link down, you'll see the Garden Web posts that you can read. Diagonal costs more with TILE due to the extra cuts, but it ought not to be much more for your resilient flooring, but something you may want to check into before you decide.

No tile in my kitchen, but in this little half bath I put in my basement a few years ago. This is what I did, and these are 12" tiles. If they look pinkish, they aren't! :-)

I went back to your pics again, and I don't feel the smaller size will make a difference, as the 'grout' is so close to the color that it's not all that obvious.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lay tile or diagonal or square?

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Funny, I was wondering before if they could lay those floors on the diagonal. I've never seen them made that way!

I really like the creamy color of your current floor, especially in your small sized kitchen. It's a very pretty color with your honey cabinets and brightens the space. I agree with you about being careful about it getting kind of dreary.

Sorry to confuse matters, but that's how I feel about it.

So, I wonder if there's a travertine or limestone colored one. Seems all these floors are made to look like stone today.

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Okay, my3dogs, I went down and got some Alterna luxury vinyl tiles and I am thinking of doing them diagonally. I will have to get an estimate and fine out if it is going to be outrageously more than the resilient. I don't know if hubby will freak out if it is too expensive. But, I do love the tiles. Here are some pics of the two I am deciding between. Does anybody like these? Oh, and they are 16"--big to me--should I lay them diagonally, since they will go into a laundry room and bathroom, too? Help!

Here is a link that might be useful: 2 Alterna Tiles to Choose From

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