Concerns about Dutchwood/Custom VS Larger Cabinet Maker

Eden-ManorApril 29, 2013

I'm leaning very heavily toward having Dutchwood make my cabinets in my new home. There are some concerns from my builder and my KD. I would like to voice those concerns here to get your opinions.

Both have concerns about the finish. What can you tell me about your DW finish?

Also, there are concerns about DW's warranty. Thoughts?

I've only priced out Shiloh cabinets and I'm in the process of getting a Woodharbor and Greenfield quote. Shiloh has been the most economical, thus far, which scares me a bit.

I have seen the DW kitchens on this board and I am in love with their work.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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What are your concerns about the finish?

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The concern is that the paint finish is somehow inferior to the big cabinet makers. I'm not too sure; I spoke to Jason and I feel really comfortable with his catalyzed finish.

Bee, your kitchen is a stunner (I love, love, love it)--one of the reasons I am SOLD on DW.

My builder is also very concerned about them getting the cabinets finished. We have until 9/1, and Jason feels comfortable with this. Jason said he will come and measure and might install. I feel more comfortable with these than Shiloh. Hopefully the cost makes this plausible for me.

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I have no issue with the quality. If there is any problem, it is easily fixed. And they are the type of people who will fix it. They want you to love your kitchen.

Also, let's say you want to modify something in the cabinet so you can fit an odd sized cutting board somewhere (for example)--DW will do it. Their attitude has always been "that shouldn't be a problem" and they do it.

I have a stages sink. They were able to make my cabinets so that I didn't have to have a full sink base under the sink. The sink base part is just under the bowl, and there is a set of drawers (top one being shallow) under the drainboard part. That is not something that you will get from someone else. They took my sink and made it work.

Perhaps your GC should speak with Jason and maybe he will understand that this isn't some guy making cabinets in his basement.

(and thanks for the nice words about my kitchen)

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This is why I'm sold on them!

I'm hoping his price is reasonable. I might send you a note privately.

Thank you!

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I too heard about folks' comments regarding finishing of custom built vs. manufacturing built cabinets. So far based on my experience talking with local folks, it seems opinions tilt toward the type of products they carry.

We seriously considered Shiloh and Woodharbor, but after looked at both products closely, I think Woodharbor's quality and workmanship are better. The Woodharbor price is OK with us. We have 2-3 months to make final decision between locally made custom cabinets and Woodharbor.

Please share with us if you receive the quote on Shiloh, I am curious as how big the price difference between the two.

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I have had my DW painted cabinets for a year (probably exactly a year!). My kitchen isn't finished yet because we are waiting for some ironwork to be done (by another vendor) which is taking an impossibly long time (5 months and counting). My painted finish has held up beautifully. We have a very busy kitchen with 6 family members all making a mess in the kitchen. I haven't had any problems with the painted and glazed finish.

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My initial Shiloh quote was around $25k. My initial woodharbour quote was around the same.

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Thank you so much for the quick response. Then Wood Harbour is a better deal for us, since our cabinets choice is simple, and does not require many custom made features that would incur additional cost.

I am a fan of Hankel Harris. When examing Wood Harbour , it gave me a similar feeling as when I got my first Hankel Harris piece.

Based on what I read from this site, I would love to see DW cabinets, unfortunately, we are way too far from them.

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