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aktillery9April 13, 2013

We are getting ready to build a house and this is my dream kitchen. I do not like everything about it but love the layout.

I think I will do marble and I love the ceiling and space. I could not possible afford to do the entire backsplash walll an entire slab of marble such as this. There would not be a fireplace but a couple of french doors. We have a large expansive view of the hills and lake to view from the windows/doors.

So, my question is do I do a gray cabinet (not quite as blue gray as this one) and beige walls or should I consider a nice khaki for the cabs and a grayish color for the walls?

Any and all thoughts and suggestions are welcome!!! Just in the planning phase right now.

Thanks everyone!!!

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The other side....

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The gray I was considering for the cabs if I go with a gray.

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How fun! What is the light like in your kitchen? Is it a bright kitchen?

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Thanks Deedles! It has yet to be built but yes there will be a great deal of light coming in through the wall of windows and doors.

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That gray is really yummy! What is it? I think that space would look great with the cabs that color and marble.

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Look at beekeeperswife's kitchen. She used a gray with quartzite and it looks beautiful. I did a light blue with marble and a pale khaki paint on the walls.

Here is a link that might be useful: blue/marble/khaki

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Atkillery, how many decades has gray been one of your very favorite colors for cabinets? Grays are lovely, but the in-style syndrome has turned its usual witching quality on them. If you can't say gray was your choice even when no one else was considering it, I'd suggest you do your walls in gray.

I promise, long before anyone's ready to redo those cabinets decorating magazines will be talking about how the first consideration was to get rid of that "dreary gray," likely with some newly derogatory term tying it to a passed look, "Pottery Barn," or something. It won't be the color that changed, of course.

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Bee's kitchen reads as a white, though .Her island is where the color shows.
I agree to not go all gray. Do the island in gray but not the perimeters. Use gray for the walls.

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I second the vote for gray walls and something more neutral for the cabinets. Your space sounds lovely with beautiful views!

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Isn't it sad that a trend can "kill" one's favorite color?

In 2007, when every bathroom reveal on the Bathrooms board was pink/beige/travertine (you get the picture), I did a white-gray one. I did not even dare to reveal it, LOL.

And now I probably have to re-paint it so it does not look outdated because of "dreary gray". :-)

Gray has always been one of my favorite colors. Had the remodel happened in 2008, as planned, I would have had painted "greige" cabinets. In many ways, I am glad it got delayed and everything changed. I know that green is the color of the year but I (fortunately?) am used it sparingly. Just hoping that yellow is not going to be the next trend...

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Sorry, I submitted the previous post before I was finished.

The gray on the last inspiration picture does not read "gray" to me, it reads "green/khaki". Perhaps, my computer screen is different. And I really like the color.

With both gray and green being very popular, it'll kill two birds with one stone, so to speak! :-)

And I doubt that khaki will ever be completely "in". Therefore, it cannot be completely "out", no?

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Beautiful kitchens. I would love those in ANY color!
I've always loved gray and have a lot of it in my house since we purchased it in 88 and in our townhome before that including various carpeting, floor tile, and wall paint over the years when it wasn't "in". I don't think gray cabs are dreary, but even with my love of gray I don't think I would do all gray because they are very, very trendy now.

But if you've always loved gray and don't think you'd get sick of it, or are OK with changing it when you do then go for it! Only you can make that call.

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Thanks for all of your input! Yes gray is very trendy now, I have always loved gray but I see your point.

I like the idea of using the beige on the perimeter and gray on the island. I really want to paint the walls a greige so I think that would look great together.

Thanks for all of your suggestions, as always!

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