Pictures of your pool finish (quartz & pebble)

4mom23girlsOctober 14, 2012

Hey all...

So, I've been scouring this site for opinions and pictures of quartz and pebble finishes. We have to make a decision by tomorrow, so our pool contractor can be finished by the end of this week. I always loved the classic white plaster for the color, but know we want something that won't get streaks or peeling, etc. We definitely don't want to replaster in another 8-10 years. We are looking at QuartzScapes by NPT (National Pool Tile) -- did they buy out the product from 3M and improve it? The other material we are looking at is Gemstone (the smaller stone, Sand Stone). I want the smoothness for the kids sake, (and my husband's feet as he cannonballs into the pool often), but how many more years does quartz give you? I don't want a grey color and I want light, ivory color, but will it look dirty with pebbles? Our contractor said it's about $1K difference in the two - we'd be willing to pay for a superior product. It's better to pay a little more now, than $8K in 8-10 years.

I'm thinking one post with everyone's close-up of their finishes would help not only me, but this frequently asked question about color!

Thanks all!


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Here are a couple of pics of our new pool with Pebble Sheen and the color is Aqua Blue. We love it and it is not rough on our feet. I think it was definitely worth the extra costs.

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Here is the second pic.

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So, I've read about the concern about picking a blue color finish as it'll eventually fade to grey with the chlorine and/or salt. Is that what yours did as the shelf looks grey?

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I don't think it looks gray at all. Just the pebble color. Nice pool. I like the step markers.

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The shelf looks grey because of the water depth. The deeper the water, the more blue the finish will look. When you see the pebble applied before the water gets put in the pool, it looks grey. We have PS Aqua Blue, also.

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