Island or Peninsula - Please Help!

Mike_Smith20001April 30, 2014

Hello Everyone,

My wife and I are so confused and would like your advice/feedback on whether to go with the island layout (as it is) or make the island into a peninsula. The island is about 2 x 4 ft and the peninsula could be 2 x 7 ft but we are not sure how it would look/work in the kitchen.

We are going with the Ikea Lidingo White Kitchen. I know Ikea has limited cabinetry sizes but we are ok with that. I am just so confused what to do in terms of the island or peninsula.

We are going have the microwave in one of the base cabinetry. We are planning to have a pantry on both sides of the fridge and we have a 30 inch range.

Our kitchen as you can see is about 9.3 x 12 ft. This is a new build and we are going to take the builder's kitchen out and replace with the Ikea kitchen. We are going to install the kitchen cabinetry ourselves including plumbing and electrical, hence we can change/move things around.

Your advice/feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Whether you choose island or penninsula (my vote would be on penninsula because of limited aisle space with island), I would suggest you swap the fridge with the pantry on the left (one closest to the stove) so you won't be having to constantly go around either the island or end of penninsula to get to the fridge when you are in the middle of cooking.

Regarding aisle space, I'm not one who thinks 42 inches is required for aisle space but considering edge on countertops, looks like you won't even have 36.

I'm a newbie so take my opinions with a grain of salt.

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I have a layout roughly similar to yours and I have a peninsula, which I love. I don't have a doorway as you do in the lower left, so, with peninsula, my kitchen is G-shaped. I have the same slider, breakfast room configuration and my peninsula doesn't break things up or cause undue detouring. The only time I'm going around the peninsula is if I'm grilling in the backyard and I need something from the kitchen. I think that given the size of your kitchen (mine is 10x10), you'd gain more counter space with a peninsula.

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Peninsula. Definitely. From the patio door wall to where your island begins. Here's why.

There are several reasons to have an island: seating, storage, a place to put stove, sink, or prep sink. You're using yours only for storage, but there are much better storage option, besides, the island sits in the middle of your kitchen like an orphan. This is not an island anyone is going to hang out at, want to prep food at etc...

If you give yourself a peninsula, it can be your landing space for the fridge (which should remain where it is) and dishes from the breakfast space, and you can turn the lonely little cabinet/upper/counter space into a full height pantry (the Ikea ones are so great) with tons more storage, or even and oven stack, freeing up your stove to become a cooktop with pot storage beneath. Your sink would not be centered under the window but that's OK. The space between the stove and sink is prime kitchen real estate. You can enlarge it by scooting the sink to the right, DW to the left, and as if by magic, twenty or so inches more of prime prep space.

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Agree - peninsula. Also agree with the fridge swapping idea.

Where will you store dishes and glassware? Your dishwasher ought to be closest to that spot.

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Actually...I like the island! It's not large, but it gives you a much better traffic pattern than a peninsula would...and with the patio doors I don't think you would have any space for stools on a peninsula, either.

The island is easy to reach from all sides and it gives you room for the dishwasher to be next to the sink. Also, much easier to access the patio doors and table from the sink area. If it were me, I'd probably put butcher block or marble on the island...and make it mobile. This will give you more flexibility, which is always a good thing, IMHO.

I would swap the fridge, but I would put the pantry by the range. If you have the ability to put a second sink on the counter area and maybe a microwave (above or below that counter) would give you a great snack area! :)

From Kitchen plans

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This is a tough one. I prefer islands, especially with kitchens that have tables. I had an island with an one ever sat there, they always stood around it. If they sat they sat at the kitchen table. I replaced my island with another, larger island, and got rid of overhang and replaced with storage. However, I was able to have 42" between DW and island (counter edge to counter edge). I only had 36" before, and I must say it is easier to maneuver around the DW with the extra space. Also, a 2' by 4' island is pretty small.

What is the opening on the bottom left of the kitchen? Can that go away so you can use that whole wall? I think a peninsula coming up from the bottom going towards the patio doors could work. The fridge could slide down and a smaller prep sink could go somewhere on that wall or in the peninsula if you wanted. It doesnt look like you have enough room to have a peninsula jutting out by patio doors. Even if you moved sink to peninsula, then the peninsula would have to get wider so people werent sitting in the sink, which would push it further in front ofpatio doors.

I'm also just a user, not a designer, fyi.

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