Pebble Sheen Colors - Slate Blue/Seafoam Green/French Grey

pfkaplan1October 10, 2011

Any photos anybody has of these colors would be appreciated!

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^that doesnt help. You dont list the interiors on your pictures.

Original Poster- email me through my profile or post your email address and I will send you photos.

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I would love to email you but I seem to be having some techical lroblem...maybe I am not doing it this poont,btw, I am deciding between blue granite opretty but those black pebbles stick out), slate blue havent been able to find in person) and prism blue oan expensive option, but beautiful)

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Blue Granite:

Blue Granite (shade and sun)

Slate Blue:

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French Grey:

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Thanks for you assistance everyone. I am going with Slate Blue Pebble sheen... now a decking issue... I splurged for tumbled travertine and I am on the fence to enhance/seal, just seal, or just leave it natural? My pool builder subcontractor does the enhance with a bit of sealer in it for $675, which seems a bit pricey at this point (after a $44K pool which started out at $35K!). Any suggestions on whether to seal tumbled travertine or not, to color enhance it, etc and should we tackle this on our own? My husband is extremely talented in building, remodeling, flooring etc, but I don't think he did anything like this... I am willing to pay the money if theres any chance we could do damage to the stone. Thanks!

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