Janome Jem Platinum 720

loisflanMay 9, 2012

I'm thinking about buying the Janome Jem as a travel machine. I have the Janome 6600 and love it, and the Jem 720 has many of the same features I don't want to be without. I think I recall some forum members mentioning that they had one. What is your experience with the Jem? Thanks.

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I don't have that one. I do have other Janomes and love the brand.

I've only heard good things about the Jem, though.

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I have the Jem 760 as my first and only machine and learned to sew and quilt on it the past 5 years. It has a nice variety of stitches and can do a lot. It's light and portable and a 3/4 machine so great for classes. I bought the acrylic table to go with it which helps give more quilting/sewing space and am very happy with the machine. I do have it serviced every year, which can be expensive, and I've paid more for that than the machine cost originally. It doesn't take well to monofilament thread and I have had some issues with things getting caught, but not sure if that's operator error. The feet and parts are reasonably priced. The downside is it's a smaller machine with smaller throat size, so I'm looking for something bigger for quilting now, though I have done all my baby/lap sized projects on it.


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I have the Janome Gem Gold which is a mechanical machine. I only use it for classes and travel but it's been a good machine. I also only use it for piecing.

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I have the Janome Jem Gold also. I only use it for classes. I miss the needle down feature when I use it. I would love to have the Platinum 720.
Linda OH

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Thanks, Ladies. I am really glad that you like the Jem. I'm just about ready to take my 6600 in for its annual servicing, and I will pick up the Jem then. Next winter, I'll take the Jem with me on vacation so I don't go into withdrawal like I did last winter. You'd think I could go three weeks without quilting, but I really missed it.

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