Rip out perfectly good pool? Start all over again?

ladoladiOctober 23, 2011

The question seems crazy, but here I am asking it...

When we bought this house a year ago, we knew the pool had to be re-surfaced because the marcite is pitted pretty badly in a number of spots. We managed to get the cost of resurfacing deducted from the cost of the house. Score! However, we later realized a lot of the grout around the waterline tile is in horrendous shape and the glassblock waterfall from the spa has mold growing inside of it, and on top of it, we've come to loathe the waterline tile. It's a Celtic symbol in Mexican Fiesta colors, and definitely does not go with our modern vision for the house. But that's pretty much all the pool REALLY needs.

As part of the re-surfacing, we've tacked on re-tiling the pool, converting to salt, and switching out the propane heater for natural gas. Total cost: about $12K, from the various quotes I've received. If it seems cheap, consider that I live in the middle of Nowhere, Florida.

But my SO hates our pool. It is a 25K gallon kidney-shaped pool built in 1990. It is neither suitable for swimming laps, which he would like to do, nor suitable for children, as it does not have one of those shallow wading areas so many of the newer build pools have. Additionally, the pool was built almost to the edges of the deck. On either side of the pool (narrow side) there is only about a 3' walkway. He hates all of this because we're on an acre and really could have a spacious pool deck.

Now, just as I was about to give the green light for the above mentioned job (resurfacing, retile, salt conversion, and gas conversion), my SO has thrown a wrench into our plans...

What if we tore out the existing pool, he asks. Tore it out, rebuilt it as a rectangular pool running east-west (right now it runs north-south) with room to swim laps and a wading area.

This sounds crazy to me. However, we are already going to be spending $12K on a pool that he might not really enjoy...

Finally, my questions: How much more expensive would it be to start new? Tear out the pool and surrounding deck and rebuild them? I should probably ask one of the pool companies that have given me quotes already, but I'm hesitant because it seems like such a crazy idea. Is it crazy? It seems crazy...

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I would guess the demo of the existing pool would use up that 12k.

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All depends on if you get a spa and material for the deck and ....... Price might start at $40k and go up from there.

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If you want to be able to swim for exercise, you may want to check into one of the swim current generators or swim jet systems. I believe some can be done as a retrofit on an existing pool. We just put a Riverflow swim current generator in our new pool. We did some test swims with swim currents and they are pretty neat. Decks can be rebuilt I'd expect for way less than a whole new pool build as well (avoiding the demo and rebuild costs of the pool itself).

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I like Kate's idea.


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Riverflow is for new builds I believe. You can use a Fastlane for a retrofit.

If I were you I would invite a couple of pool builders over to give you an estimate of your 'dream environment' so that you know what you're working with. You could be talking $40k or $100k, you don't know until you check.

I'm with your SO, i wouldn't really like throwing money at the pool when I'd end up with something that is by definition still lacking, but if getting what I really really wanted instead costs 80k, eh, I don't know so much about that.

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Thank you for all of your suggestions!

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