Crud.Prep sink too big. What size/brand is yours?

akcorcoranApril 1, 2013

Ugh. Ordered a Kraus prep sink that is too big for my 21" cabinet. It could be fit by cutting the cabinet (not ideal) and would only leave about 1 1/2 inches of granite on the edge between the sink and the floor (super not ideal.)

The only other Kraus small size is tiny (13" inside.)

I was trying to save $ - only other options...

I found Ticors that would work (while incurring a restocking fee on Kraus sinks I ordered) but with the company out of business... not sure about that.

Switch to Elkay for larger variety of sizes?


Turn one Kraus sideways?

Suggestions? If you have a 21" cabinet for a prep sink, what size/brand is yours?


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Have you checked mrdirect?

They have several that might work. The 1716 is 16''x17''x8''--16 gauge for $94. And is looks like their 2020 will also work--16 gauge is $99.

I know several GWer's have used mrdirect sinks and been pleased with the quality.

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