Turtle Bay pebble sheen vs. Emerald Bay pebble tec

newpool3943October 17, 2011

We are having a pool installed and selected Turtle Bay pebble sheen. When they came to install, they had Emerald Bay pebble tec materials. They were able to utilize the darker pebbles like Turtle Bay, and utilized the same "green" base color. When I asked the owner about whether or not the base color is the same, he said they are.

The pool looks more green than other Turtle Bay finishes I have seen. Can anyone tell me what color the base (the base mortar or whatever the non-pebble stuff is) of Turtle Bay is?

If you have the Turtle Bay interior, what color was it when that was sprayed? Was it green?

I am not as concerned with the pebble size- just the color at this point.

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Turtle Bay and Emerald Bay PebbleTec have the same base colors. How recent did it get done? I'd be furious if the wrong material was installed. Sheen, in my opinion, is such a better finish material than tec.

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