Can you identify this fabric?

dorry2May 21, 2012

I saw this at Joann's Fabric store, no ID on the fabric and only 45" width. It is an outdoor fabric. Thanks for your magic! I know someone will identify it!!

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I can't find the green, which isn't much help, but is this the same thing in tan?

Here is a link that might be useful: Robert Allen outdoor fabric

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Thank you, Oly! This is the same pattern - no luck online searching this pattern in the green. This is from Joann's and is 45" vs. 54." I don't know if RA has 45" fabrics???? So maybe it is not RA, but it is the same pattern in the link you posted. Joann's couldn't help either - no name on the end of the bolt.

How did you find this? Several weeks ago a poster explained how to do this, but could not find the post. I do not know to use Google images when I have only a picture (taken by me).

Thank you again for your help.

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Dorry, I didn't use an image search for this, I just googled something like..?? don't remember...maybe woven rope pattern fabric?

To do an image search click on google images, then the camera in the search bar, either upload the pic or paste the url into the bar as prompted. I just did one for this fabric and didn't get it to come up, but just some other things that were that color.

Were there any #'s on the tag? I once found a fabric by googling just the #'s. Good luck!

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Did you unroll the bolt and check the selvage? Sometimes manufacturers info is printed there.

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