Anyone running short of fabric??

toolgrannyMay 28, 2014

If your stash is running low, you might want to check out eQuilter in Boulder, CO. They seem to be tempting me with a big clearance sale of 40% to 50% off, even on batiks, now through Sunday. Oh, woe is me. Such temptations and strain on the old willpower.

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You know, that's like announcing to a junky that the pusher is right up on the nearest corner parking lot. You are bad. And my stash isn't low, but I still think you are bad.

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That's like telling a junky the pusher is at the corner parking lot. I previously used the word bad. Maybe a better (kinder) word to use is enabler, yes, you are an enabler. I hope I didn't make 2 posts here, I got fowled up when I sent the first one and then went back.

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The Devil made me do it!

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I thought you had lost your mind and was offering to send us your fabric. LOLOLOL


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Sharon -I thought the same thing! LOL
I got the email about the sale -- since I am waiting for delivery from another order, I'm only thinking about this sale. But, Linda, if you have lost your mind -- you can send me some of your fabric! :~)
It is a great sale.

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Thought the same as others...Linda is giving away fabric!?!??..what's up with that?
I'm waiting on a fabric order now...but waiting for another order is ok too...right? ...there's no addiction's a sale for heavens sake...can't pass that up....??!


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Fabric? On sale?!?

La la la la... I'm not listening!

I counted up the projects FOR WHICH I ALREADY HAVE FABRIC a couple days ago and I was amazed. Someone must have been buying fabric for me and stashing it in my sewing room. So I have put myself on a strict fabric diet until the Retreat trip. I am planning a visit to the legendary fabric shop up there and know I'll come home with something, so between then and now I will not buy anything. Except maybe a backing fabric. Or something really special that I need to go with other stuff. Or maybe if it's really, really pretty.

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No, just keep saying "there's no addiction problem here" - but make sure DH NEVER looks in your closets - or under your bed - or in the laundry basket, or the washer or the dryer - or..... I wonder if we would qualify for one of those fancy-shmancy addiction spas - forget it, they probably don't have even one sewing machine in those places.

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Kate, you forgot if it is on sale.

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Right! Right! "On sale" is a reasonable excuse, I mean REASON to purchase fabric. A good, solid reason. Almost silly NOT to purchase it.

It's not that I have too much fabric, it's that I have too little time to sew. Don't blame the fabric, blame my boss.

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Kate, that's my problem, too! LOL. It's the stupid computer's fault, too...and the TV...and books...and...well, just too many distractions!

Did somebody say ADD? :)


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OK..............this thread saved me from myself yesterday. I ran to the store I never shop in, to buy some socks for my hubby and I had to walk past their fabric department, who had a huge stack of clearance fabric marked down more than half. Much of it quilting cotton. I had THREE bolts of it in the cart, and pulling out more when sanity prevailed and I put them ALL back in the display and walked away. Do I feel bad that I did that? No. I need solids not prints, no matter how cute they were and if I run into a great deal on material I actually NEED, I'll buy it without guilt. I actually felt good about that decision.

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you have more fortitude than most. Good on ya!!!!!

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Where on earth can you buy socks AND fabric??? Maybe Wally World, but mine got rid of their fabric. Oh, they have some precuts but since they discontinued the wide muslin and denim precuts, I don't even bother looking anymore. Those actually were a good deal. Maybe it's a good thing they got rid of the fabric, we don't have much around here that has fabric and that would be one more temptation to go to Wally World more than I can tolerate. The nearest Joann's is a good 30 minutes from here and the LQS is too expensive unless they are running a big sale. But there is going to be a Hobby Lobby in this area (maybe 15 minutes away) so that will be another temptation I don't need. I've never been to one, has anyone out there ever and do you like their fabric?? If so, maybe you should lie and tell me it's awful.

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No, their fabric is not awful. I've used it and rate it a cut above JoAnne's, unless you use JoAnn's better and more expensive fabric. The cheap stuff at JoAnn's used to be decent. Now, I'd have to be desperate to use it. Yeah, it was "you know where" I went to and I only go to the local one under extreme duress, and for something specific my DH specifies to get there, because now they are the only ones in town who carry what he can use since they ran a lot of the competition out. ;-)

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We have a new Hobby Lobby and the fabric is comparable to JoAnns, namely a few good things and a lot cheaply made. You get what you pay for. But, at least another vendor for a quick spool of thread or sewing tools are out there and I like that. It's a huge store so I can see a person getting things for crafts in one trip. More stores the better as far as I'm concerned.

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I have one whole room devoted to fabric I finally put yardage on mini bolts - cabinets full of them! That doesn't count all the precuts in tote boxes. Oh my, don't anyone tell me about a fabric sale! LOL

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I like Hobby Lobby fabric especially when I get to use a 40% off weekly coupon. For the last 2 months I have only bought 1 yard of fabric so I am feeling good about my fabric spending and trying to work from my stash. Now that I have fabric cut and kitted up for on whole queensize quilt, the remaining fabric I can dedicate to future quilts.

Best to you,

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