Help pick a faucet for a small galley kitchen

smalloldhouseApril 28, 2014

I've been on this forum for a hundred years and now that I'm finally just 2 weeks out from demo, I'm panicking about all the last minute decisions. We have a small kitchen awkwardly located in the middle of our home; after too much deliberation, we're spending a bunch for functional improvements but it will still be small and awkwardly located!

The sink will be under a window but not centered - a functional trade-off that I insisted on but am now a bit nervous about. I'll have a 30" Kraus undermount; cabinets will be a Shaker painted taupe color (Diamond cabinets in Portobello paint), counters will Silestone Blanco Yukon (very plain off-white), backsplash will be something quiet (subways, maybe marble?) and appliances are SS. I'm tempted to stick with the "weathered nickel" Amerock hardware that I currently have.

Because the kitchen is so small I want a minimalist faucet - something with a pullout spray that you don't need to press to operate. All the faucets I see seem really bulbous and thick as a garden hose. I feel like they will look ridiculous in my kitchen. I'd like to stay under $500; lower is better. I like the simple, streamlined look of the KWC Sin or Elkay Harmony, but both are above my price range in stainless. After staring at every faucet on the internet I'm considering the Kohler Purist although I worry it looks too modern. Any other ideas?

Sorry to write a book here, but this seems like a big decision and one that's hard to test - my local Fergusons didn't have most of the models I liked on screen, and you really can't see how they function. (It didn't help I had my 5yo with me who was insisting on testing all the bathtub displays.) My kitchen will be visible from the front door, so I don't want to regret whatever I pick. Thanks!

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I'm currently renovatinging my narrow galley kitchen on a small budget. I chose a Kohler Simplice. It is a bit thicker than the one you posted but it does have a pullout, though you have to press a button to operate the spray function. It was $176 on sale, including tax. Delta Trinsic looks quite similar to the ones you like. I think you have to press a button for the spray function on that one too, I don't know for sure.

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The Hansgrohe Citterio is like the ones you posted, but the pull-out end is as narrow as the rest, so you might like it.

What do you mean that you don't want to have to "press to operate" - of course, you have to switch the spray on by pressing a button. Do you mean you don't want to have to hold it in? That was important to me, too, as well as the ability to toggle between stream and spray (with some, you have to turn the water off) - the Citterio meets those criteria, but I think there are some older Citterios that don't, so be sure to check you are getting the one with "locking function" if you choose this one.

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Kelly Ryan

"we're spending a bunch for functional improvements but it will still be small and awkwardly located! "

I don't have specific faucet advice but can sympathize with this statement. We're in the same boat. We're spending a lot of $$ and have made some improvements, but we are still dealing with a small, awkward space. it's a little frustrating to do so much work and still have hang-ups about the space, but I do feel much better as we're nearing the end of our renovation. Yes, it's not perfect, but it's certainly better than before! Hopefully you will too!

Our small space is complicated further by having 5 doors and 1 window in it. There just simply isn't space for many cabinets (or an island). so...after spending $$$, we still have a small awkward kitchen, but less awkward than before..and now it's at least brighter and prettier, lol.

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Have you considered a Hansgrohe Talis line? It does have a flare at the pullout but it is not too bulky or minimalistic. I have a small galley kitchen too.
I picked it up when there was a coupon on it at Costco. I don't have a single other thing picked out for my kitchen yet!! but figured if it doesn't fit in, I can always return it.

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Grohe concetto or the Grohe Minta. Really sleek and have a toggle spray feature.
Best of luck!

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When I was looking, the Grohe Minta had a button you had to hold in for the spray feature. Maybe they've changed it?

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IâÂÂve had the Minta since âÂÂ10, and once you push the button it stays in spray mode. When you turn the water off it reverts back to non-spray mode, but as long as the water stays on you do not need to hold the button.

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Oh, I remember now, it's that you can't toggle back to stream without turning off the water. With the Hansgrohe, you can lock it in either position, and toggle between the two.

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Thanks everyone!

@sjlhockeyfan - I am stumbling with the terminology here, but basically you understood what I meant - I don't want to have to hold the button to keep the spray flow engaged.

@vinudev_liny: I've never heard anything but raves about the Hansgrohe Talis. My only hesitation is that the black buttons seem really prominent, and knowing me that will be the spot I stare at every time I open the front door! But it seems like a great buy and very reliable and functional.

I need to get back to a showroom and look harder at the Grohe Concetto as @homepro01 suggested as well as the Delta Trinsic and some others that don't seem too gargantuan. It's hard because the more I look at online reviews, the more confused I am - the Hansgrohe Citterio has reviews that say it doesn't lock in spray mode. I'm oddly drawn to the Kohler Purist in the beautiful, beautiful kitchen of @fouramblues (hope it's okay to repost one of her pictures from another thread here). Although there too, the online reviews are mixed. I gotta stop reading this stuff!

I went in wanting to have relatively few upper cabinets, and wound up with a lot, plus there's the whole sink not centered thing, so I wonder if a shorter faucet is better.

@kitchen-reno, I'm feel relieved to hear someone else is in a similar boat, and I look forward to seeing your reveal! I'm definitely overthinking all these little decisions because most of the big decisions are already made, and I'm not absolutely certain we've done the right thing (despite years of consideration.) I'm restraining myself from revisiting those decisions by focusing on all the little details, which for better or worse seem ripe for obsession.

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the Hansgrohe Citterio has reviews that say it doesn't lock in spray mode

I have the Hansgrohe Citterio - I think there are versions that lock and versions that don't (mine does).

Here is a link that might be useful: Citterio with

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And the other one...

Here is a link that might be useful: Citterio with non-locking spray diverter

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The Delta Trinsic also comes in a slightly smaller size, I think for a bar or prep sink, but could work well as the main faucet in a small kitchen. The toggle switch on mine is hidden on the back side, though I did see that someone else here mounted theirs to the front.

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I can relate about the small space. I wanted an island so bad but there just isn't any way to do it. We have a U shaped kitchen with a peninsula and that's what I'm going to wind up with again. I went with the Grohe cosmopolitan because it was shorter but it's probably too chunky for you. I went back and forth with that and some of the ones others have mentioned here like the Trinsic, Talis etc. I love the look of the purist. Your comment about overthinking every decision hit home with me. I obsess about everything and then question myself as soon as I make a decision. By the way I also bought the 30 inch Krauss.

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