Is it customary to give a gift to your agent?

steveinjerseyApril 22, 2011

I'm finally selling my house!

Is it customary to give a gift to your agent at closing? If so, I'd appreciate any ideas.


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beachlily z9a

Yes, a wine basket, in this market, is well deserved!

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Actually, it's customary for your agent to give YOU a gift. Congrats on your sale.

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Instead of a wine basket, maybe a gift card, or gas card. Many do not drink alcoholic beverages.

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My daughter's agent gave her a gift. I guess it depends on if you think the agent did an excellent job for you. You are paying her already with the commission already.

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The best gift you can give your agent is referrals to your friends and family, though agents, like anyone else, do appreciate a thoughtful card, flowers, etc.

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I've only sold one house and I didn't give a gift. I might consider giving a gift when I sell this house IF the agent did something that I thought was "above and beyond" the normal call of duty.

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My agent gives me the gift.

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I agree that the best gift you can give is referals. My sister sell realestate and she always sends a gift to her customers after closing.

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You have already given a gift to your agent. That is the fee he or she charges. I see no need for a gift other than that fee, which is considerable.

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The Realtor fee is payment for service;
it's no more a gift than your paycheck is a gift from your employer.

My own feeling is that gifts aren't expected on either side, but if you feel the impulse, do it...
just make it a token gift, not a big thing.

I just closed a sort-of harrowing sale, & the buyers took me to lunch, & I gave them some things for their garden.

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I do not expect a gift, nor do I give them. I do ask for referrals at closing though.

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Thank you everyone for the ideas.

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If the agent went above & beyond; I would give a little something- I like the gas card or one to a local store for coffee.

Referrals are the best thing you can give them IMO.

I do feel that agents giving sellers something would be nice; even if it's something small. We didn't get anything from the agent that sold our house but got a card from the agent that sold us our new house.

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As said, it depends on the situation. When my MIL went to sell her home, she went with an agent who had regularly kept in touch with her for decades. We were surprised upon meeting her how old this woman was, and in fact, two weeks later she fell while showing someone's house, and had to go into convalescent nursing facilities for two months.

She gave MIL's commission to another agent. This guy went over and above line of duty to help us out. We didn't live nearby. He came over every day, watered the lawn so it would be green for the open house, changed out a light fixture, gave us all the useful referrals we needed to get her out ASAP from under 38 yrs of collecting a houseful of now-unnecessary stuff. He answered all her anxious questions and literally held her hand as she wept about leaving her home.

Because he had to split the commission with the original agent, it was pretty clear he wasn't making very much but was giving service far better than the original agent could have given us. We not only gave him a $500 gift card, we wrote a letter to the realty's manager praising him and another letter personally thanking him for helping us through what was a very emotionally difficult time for MIL and us.

And he ended up with a referral, when MIL's goddaughter went to sell her house a year later and she used him instead of a discount broker. She was also very pleased with the advice and help he gave her (her home was a wreck, frankly).

This guy did an exceptional job so we felt he deserved the extras. But at the very least, a job well done deserves a thank you card. You'd be surprised how often people fail to thank others for services rendered. I was always taught it was common courtesy, but many people seem to ignore that these days, and it's sad.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, especially when they've done their best it's nice to be recognized/thanked. It doesn't have to always be money.

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jkom; that was a really nice story! I agree; in that situation; you did the right thing. Too bad the original agent didn't give 75%

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Agents have always given me gifts but I'd give one to an agent if I thought he went above and beyond the call of duty, like the guy above.

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I had a wonderful realtor. She went beyond just selling, etc. She helped me move (twice!), made a 15 mile trip to a store for a dryer connection on moving day, vacuumed my old condo when the movers were done, had her husband hang a large picture, and her college age son hooked up my dryer and my computer.

AFter the closing, she stayed with me all day, helping me get settled.

I baked her son cookies later, as he would not take any money. I gave her gift cards - she gave me gift cards for one sale, and a lovely floral arrangement for the 2nd sale.
She does not get the entire commission sellers pay - she has to pay for car expenses, ads, etc. When she was a realtor with a nationally known company, she also had to pay for using their name and also office rent and other expenses.

She continues to keep in touch, even though I am not planning to sell again. I have recommended her to friends.

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I gave money at the closing. She was the best agent anyone could want. I believe she was the only reason my house sold so fast during a terrible market. We were happy with the price as she was a great negotiator.

She deserved every penny and more.

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