Pretty blue tile pictures, please. (Tondela??)

banana_fannaOctober 20, 2010

If you have blue water line tile would you please post a picture of it, provide it's name and what type of finish you have in your pool?

I've seen one Tondela picture (Verona by NPT) which is lovely but I'd like to see a few other options.

I'm sort of in love with Blue Granite Pebble Sheen so whatever I pick needs to complement that. I'm not opposed, however, to changing the pebble color if I see a tile I'm crazy about.


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I have Verona tile, but in the Tavora Tan color, and I absolutely love it! It works perfectly with our River Rok Granite color, which I think is very similar to Pebbletec's Moonlight Grey. The end result is a very natural look. Here are some pics:

Good Luck!

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Verrry nice. I love your tile and coping and River Rok.

My next question to the forum, of which I'm sure there will be many, was to ask for pictures of natural color tile. I'm torn between blue or the creams/naturals. Something like yours is somewhere in between!

What is your coping on the spa? What type of edge is that? Honed? Love. Also it looks like you have different coping, (or just a different edge?) on the pool. Looks fantastic. All of it.

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hawkfive, your choices are fantastic! I also love your stacked stone on the spa. banana fanna, I too am liking the granite blue, so I'll be watching this thread closely. Seems like you might be closer than us (we haven't even started digging yet) so good luck and be sure to keep posting! Marta_p

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We have 6 x6 tile, Hawaii, blue color and Beach series Antigua by Marbletite ,Pebble finish, lifetime warranty

Here is a link that might be useful: Our new pool build in Jacksonville FL

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We tried to find tile to compliment the blue tahoe pebble tech and the flagstone coping and steps.

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Thanks for compliments!

Coping on the spa is Tennessee Crab Orchard Flagstone in grey. I don't think they did anything to the edge - that's just how it came from the stone yard.

The stacked stone surrounding the spa is called Delaware Valley Blend.

The coping on the pool is EP Henry Coventry bullnose in the Harvest Blend color, which ties into our pool deck and patio area.

I empathize with you. Making these color selections, and choosing the River Rok, were the hardest part of our build. I made myself crazy - it was hard for me to visualize how everything would work together. I just kept my fingers crossed...

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Here is my Tondela blue:

First picture is right after the pool was filled so excuse the green water:

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