Finished some things!!

jennifer_in_vaMay 23, 2012

Last weekend I was working on a red-white-blue quilt for a wedding present for July. I got the borders on it earlier this week and it now awaits a trip to Joann's for backing!! Check that off the list (for now) PIC to come when quilted.

I have been wanting to try a little crafty/quilty project for a while (had to get other things done first) and finally was able to spend a few weeknights on that and got one done! (now I only need to do 20 more for retreaters!) PIC not to come lol...they're for Retreat!!

Now I get to start on the new purse design that has been waiting in line! I got jelly strips sorted last night... Need to get 7 more yellow batik strips then I can go to town!!!

It's so refreshing to be able to start something new! You all should try it occassionally!!!!

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LOL - my problem is that I start TOO many new things at once.

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Yay, Jennifer! :) I do that sometimes...I get tired of working on long-term projects, and get tired of working on scrap projects. Sometimes I just want to cut into a big piece of fabric and start something from scratch!


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I was just getting some UFO's done and my sister gave me a new project to work on. She works at a family shelter and asked me to make her a queen size quilt for a fundraiser. I have a few commitments to complete then will start the quilt for her.

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It feels great to finish up things, and even better to start something new. Especially if you have really been wanting to get started on it. Don't forget pictures!


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Good for you Jennifer! Are you sure you don't want to preview the goodies for the retreat???

I have my idea in mind and need to get started on mine, too.

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Ha ha, Sue... Nope. You'll have to wait until October!

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Jennifer, As fast as you work, your r/w/b quilt will be done before you know it. I like to start a new project in the midst of working on UFO's. I give myself permission to do it, so that makes it ok. @:) How about you show the Geezer what the retreat project is? You know he loves Amanda.


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Great way to channel your energies when you are feeling stressed :~). You are so very productive and creative!

How about a sneak peak???? Maybe just one element of the crafty Retreat item~~~just to tease us more.......

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I love that you are getting things done, but such a tease!! Pics, please???? I'm especially interested in the red and white quilt. I think that will be next on my list.


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I think she likes to torment us.

I'm still finishing a little lap/baby quilt with the butterflies and have several more different lap sized quilts to work on.

Hopefully she won't keep us waiting forever - we'll just have to keep bugger her! LOL!


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