Are you quilting this weekend? May 3-5

lindaoh_gwMay 3, 2013

I probably won't do much sewing this weekend or next week. This morning I went to a quilt shop with 2 friends and tomorrow am going to a quilt show with friends. On Sunday I am driving to Columbus to visit DD. On Monday we are going to a Women's Conference. Tuesday we will visit some Columbus quilt shops.
Are you sewing or quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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DH & DS are finally off on a cub scout camping weekend. That leaves me with the 3 girls. Tomorrow I get to taxi the oldest between to birthday parties and one graduation party.

Today I've been able to finish the main top to a quilt, and have put one border on. I need to get the 2nd block border on and an outside border today, so that tomorrow I can go buy backing during one birthday party. This quilt has GOT to get to the quilter soon.

I also have to wash and prep backing fabric for my niece's quilt, so that I can deliver it to the screen printer when I go on Monday. I am going to have motivational quotes screen printed all over the backing fabric. Also need to wash & prep the fabrics for the front.

I would also like to shampoo the carpets in here, and the back yard needs to be mowed (DH didn't get to it before he left), and I have 5 textbook chapters to read/study for my final exam on Monday.

Sunday afternoon I have to take the oldest to horse back riding lessons, and entertain the other 2 for 2 1/2 hrs while there.

No, I don't think I'll be busy this weekend!! ;)

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>sighTomorrow we're planning a trip to Bok Tower for our anniversary (if it doesn't start raining again) then we'll go see mom in the afternoon.

Sunday we have church then in the afternoon the music ministry participants are meeting with the first candidate for our music director position. We're having lunch at church then the work session till around 3:30, then meet and greet afterwards.

I have something going on every night next week and my sister is coming down on Friday for Mother's Day weekend. I guess I'll have to get up early several mornings to clean the house.


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I have been hand-sewing Granny Square quilt blocks all week for my friend Christy's grandbaby quilt. I just have 2 G S blocks left to complete. Then next week I want to start cutting fabric for the 4 Baby Bud center blocks for her quilt. Have also started back reading the Elm Creek Quilts series of books so hoping to spend time reading this weekend.

Best to you,

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My quilt group is meeting at my house at 9 tomorrow and we are making a quilt of valor. We have all the fabric here and the pattern, so we will be busy.

I have been working on sewing scraps together to clean out my scrap bins - so far I have 95 - 4-1/2" blocks! May sew a few more of them tonight.

We have our granddog this weekend too, so will get some walks in with them, as well.


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Wow.........tired just reading all the agendas. I plan on gathering more boughs of lilacs to bring in the kitchen. That's the only project cut in stone. ;-)

I'll be up in the sewing room with my morning cuppa, as is the usual routine until my faculties all awaken. I've been busy making HST for a depression block quilt, and although for once I'd decided to make all the little blocks first and then sew them all together, my attention span just didn't cooperate. So, I have five 12" blocks made and many more to do. I work a little constructing the 3.5" blocks and a little while making another pattern block. Taking it slow and easy so they'll be precise. I fell in love with the depression block when it was a lotto block last year of K8's. At this rate, it shall probably take me a month to do the quilt top, but so far it's been very enjoyable.

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Looks like you girls will be doing enough that I won't have to. lol Have been on the couch glued to our family's Facebook page to keep updated on my sister. It sure saves a lot of phone calls, text messages etc. One post, and the family knows.

Yes, I should sew something. I did the Lotto Block today and am hemming and hawwing about the one to start. Maybe instead of starting a new one, I'll pull out some blocks and see what I can do that way. I'll still be working on UFO's/WIP's and hopefully continue to knock 'em out! Yea for me.......


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Well, Sharon,

Yesterday, I shampooed the carpets. Today's mostly over, and I've shuttled girls to two different birthday parties, a graduation party, and not 1, not 2, but 3 different fabric stores!!! (Finally found fabric for the backing of a quilt)

I'm home now. Will have to do something for dinner, then back to the sewing room to add the last border to this quilt. Also, to throw the backing in the washer. Have many, many yards of fabric to be pressed tonight...grrr...

Hope your day has been profitable. And that your sister is doing okay.


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I drove to pick up a used Ulmer quilting frame today--so far it seems lovely and not as awkward to use the spring clamp as I thought it would be. I thought I might mind not having any side clamps, but since it's just 18 inches across that's not a problem, either.

Now, I'm "supervising" a senior boys sleepover/pizza/computer gaming party. I just sit in the living room and piece like always, but I can hear. Right now, they are arguing about whether a zombie can eat chicken.

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Jennifer, Good thing I sent you some of my energy to help keep you going! It wears me out just going to one fabric shop. Kids keep you busy.....and youthful!

I was able to get a QOV sandwiched, turned and straightened out. Plan to start sewing tomorrow.

My sister went into septic shock on Tuesday and she almost died. They just took her out of ICU today. They've done a bunch of tests and found some issues and she's scheduled for an angiogram on Monday. But, thank you, yes, she is better today.


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Sharon will keep your sister in my prayers.

I completed the last of the Grannie Square quilt blocks and am cutting fabric for the remaining 4 Baby Bud center blocks for Christy's grandbaby quilt. Maybe will try to find some time to read a book this afternoon after I finish cutting out fabric. I plan to sew the center blocks later this week.

Best to you,

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I almost have the binding on my big quilt and then I will post a picture. But, I did get to a local quilt show today and I always get lots of ideas there.

Now, after reading all that Jennifer has done, I think I'll sit and rest a bit. I'm plum worn out just thinking of all that.

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Sandra, I'm thinking I used a Baby Bud for my first great-grandchild's quilt. I'll have to look that up and see if I remember correctly.

TG/Linda, Wow! You went to a quilt show AND doing binding? Quilt shows wear me out.....I think it's all those vendors. lol


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