Crumb block Lovers ...

sunnycentralFLMay 11, 2011

Here is a lovely setting for our beloved Crumb Blocks...anyway, I think it is neat....hope you enjoy it too, even if it is in German!

Gwen - who's Bright House cable got fixed properly after a different tech person each day this week!

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forgive me

Here is a link that might be useful: Renate's blog

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Amazing. When you set them with a dark block like that, they are spectacular. Thanks, Gwen.

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Gwen, thanks for posting- I do like the crumbs with the dark blocks - alot! I'm saving my small pieces - one day, maybe I'll have enough.
Darn those cable guys - when I had a similar problem with my cable, I was told to make sure the Techs were company techs vs sub contractors. I saved all my paperwork, and when the same idiot kept showing up, I would refuse to let him in. Ask for their tech # - I started making notes on my paperwork-finally changed companies.

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Thanks for posting, Gwen. I think I'll make one when I get home. Hope I remember......if you remember, will you remind me, please? Thanks. LOLOLOL


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Thanks for posting that link! I love the look of that crumb quilt.


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Nice, love how the solid color calms the crumb blocks.


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I enjoyed reading the blog. I had to laugh, however, because somewhere in the reading somebody mentioned a four inch square as a crumb. LOL. To me that is a large scrap. You should see the size of the pieces I call crumbs. Yes, yes and monochromatic scheme of fabric integrated into a crumb quilt quiets it down and gives it cohesiveness and pulls it into a what one would percive as a planned pattern, even if it's a crazy quilt. I found that out by accident and use it a lot now and love that effect. In fact I saved a crumb crazy quilt I was gonna just give away, but ended up loving.

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I just bought some really crummy muslin at the dreaded Joanne's to consider making /starting a crumb block quilt --see the influence you have on me???? This needs to be mindless stitching - no thought...I am going to separate by color, becasue I can't stand not to! LOL

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