Olefin vs. wool area rugs

grad_girl_1May 4, 2010

I have been reading the postings about Safavieh area rugs, and have noticed people talking about them shedding. That sounds like a lot of work to me.

I am trying to decide if it would just be easier/advantageous to get an olefin (or other synthetic) area rug.

Does anybody out there have experience with both types of rugs? If so, what is your recommendation?

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i have one large(9x12) and one runner---both royal millenium rugs...i think they're polypropylene...and a 6' round ariana synthetic in front of front door. while they might not have the "depth"-visually- of a wool rug, their colors are rich and the fiber is very dense and they wear like steel....much better than a karastan, for example. the runner, which is in our mud room, was peed on by our large dog one time and i basically was able to bring it outside and clean it really well--didn't hold onto the smell like wool rugs have. spills are very easy to clean up. i really recommend a synthetic rug if it is in an area which gets lots of use/abuse, etc. they're very reasonably priced also! i have one very nice hand knotted wool rug that is only about 3 1/2x5 that is beautiful and has also held up extremely well, but a similar quality in a large rug would be several 1000's....for the money, you can't beat synthetic!

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I'm one of the people from the other thread that mentioned shedding with my hand tufted Safavieh.

I have some small polypropylene and olefin rugs and they can stand abuse. I feel like I have to baby the wool/silk rug. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty and matches well but I'm thankful there's only one. They do make some very pretty synthetic rugs. Will yours be in an area with heavy traffic. I feel I should also mention I have three very furry cats and they think this rug is a new bed. Black rug with 3 cats = more vaccuming. I noticed I'm actually seeing in certains spots where it looks like there's a layer of fuzz that needs trimmed! Here's a photo because it's hard to explain! I do rotate the rug every three months. Again, it's only 6 months old.
It seems to be just around the outside where it gets lots of traffic. It's not on the other outside edge. And no, that's not kitty hair.

I also keep finding spots like this. Pretty huh? Notice you can also see the shedding fibers laying on top. I just vaccumed last night. Here's an overall shot.

I have no idea what's up with that. Did I get a bad Safavieh rug? Does it have to do with the fact that I used my Dyson sweaper with the beater bar on for the first three months I had it? Maybe the hose attachment rubbing against it is making it funny now. This might not be the norm. I don't have the answer but really think about it first before buying anything.

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Wow, thanks for the pictures of you Safavieh. The rug will be in our living room that will get medium traffic. We are going to be getting 2 dogs, so pet hair will be a concern.

I have had a polyproplene rug previously, and it was great. It held up well, did not shed, and never stained. I feel like synthetic may be a good choice for us, and we could save $, too.

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I have one Jaipur flat weave wool rug that is wearing like iron. I have only had it about six months. It did shed a very fine wool fiber for the first 2-3 vaccuumings (is that really a word??), but is fine now. I may have just gotten lucky, but I think it is because it is a flat weave - they are so tightly woven, they don't shed.

I also have a $100 thrift store 8 X 11 polypropylene, or maybe it is olefin, not sure, that I bought to make do until I could find a wool. I also like it a lot....may replace it someday with wool, but it is not a pressing purchase right now.


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Reading some more on hand tufted rugs and the limited life... I read that if a rug sits for a few years that will cause it not to last as long.

Maybe mine just sat in a warehouse too long?

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