This is the second time!

loisflanMay 27, 2014

I just found out that my wonderful neighbor's dog ate a 6"x10" hole in the quilt I made her. I've made only about 30 projects, and two of them have been chewed up by dogs. Arrrgh! I'm starting to wonder if batting contains "dog-nip."

The original quilt was 53"x70", so if we cut off the damaged part, it would be about 35"X70". An odd size, but better than nothing, I guess. I don't think I have enough fabric left to attempt a patch. My poor neighbor is devastated. She feels so bad. So do I. It's one thing to see a quilt "used up"; quite another to see it eaten up.

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So sad!

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I suggest adding an applique to cover up the destruction. Perhaps a (BAD) dog applique - not to make light of the situation. I would be devastated!
If the dogs don't normally chew up "things", I think they may be biting the quilts to pull & arrange them just right before settling in the comfy nest. OOPS! Then the batting becomes irresistible.
So sorry for you & your neighbor.

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Lois, It seems like a pretty big hole, but I think you could 'patch' it up by working from the front if you have fabric that would go with whatever pattern it is. Sew the backing in with seams facing the front, lay in the batting, then sew in the front patch on 3 sides the best you can, play with the last seam and use an applique like Marsha suggested to cover what doesn't look so hot. It's sad, sad, sad. I mended one that had a lot of little chew holes...a bit different than a large one.


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My dog tries to dig a nest on my couch quilt when she wants to lay down if I happen to leave it there, but she hasn't chewed one since she was a pup. Some dogs never give that bad habit up, especially labs. In that case I wouldn't be leaving a handmade quilt around where it could get to it. I most certainly wouldn't be giving that person any more quilts if they can't manage to keep them out of their dog's reach. I finally made my dog her own quilt out of some pet design novelty fabrics someone gave me, just large squares sewed together, I didn't put batting in it, I just backed it in fleece, and I keep it at the end of the couch where she sleeps.

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I would go with the applique method too, I'm sure she feels very bad about it.

My sister brought her tiny dog to visit another sister and it had an accident on the bed. They didn't discover it until the next day and the stain never did come out. She still reminds my sister about the stain lol!

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Perhaps you do need to change your batting. My dog likes to "make a nest" but doesn't chew them up. The left over piece should be large enough for a couch quilt.


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