New BOM I'm working on, Feathered Star Quilt

lafonda_ranchMay 6, 2013

This is one of the Hoop Sisters designs done on my embroidery machine, so it isn't quite so labor intensive (at least at this point!). I'm going to a class once a month where we do one block and they send us home with instructions for 11 more to do by the next month. It is supposed to be assembled like a QAYG quilt, but the teacher said it was more difficult, so we're just doing the blocks and then assembling them later and doing a SITD after the back is put on.

Also, my son wanted a quilt that covered his bed better (longer on the sides), so this one is for him and I let him pick the colors (black, red and gold/yellow). I am making the decisions on how they all go together as I make them and choosing the threads (lots of variegated). For me, that is very stressful!! Too many choices.

Anyhow, here are the first 12 squares (9 make one of the "stars"). They are only pinned together for the picture. The stitching on the outside of the star is a two tone twisted thread. Like the middle of the star, it didn't photograph very well.


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Even with an embroidery machine it looks like a very time consuming project, very complex! Looking forward to seeing more.

He will be amazed at the effort you put in. What a lucky guy.


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WOW that is already stunning Robbi!!!!!!!!!
Your son has a good eye for color selection - I may have to borrow him. 12 blocks a month should keep you busy for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing your months too. Thanks for taking the time to post them for us!

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That is going to be stunning! I can figure out that the squares around the big star are embroidered, but what about the squares on the left. Paper pieced? There beautiful, but I can't see that that would have been embroidered. Total lack of experience here.

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Wow, Robbi, that's awesome already! Can't imagine how fantastic it will look when you get it all together.


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All the square are done on the embroidery machine, even the small ones. I've attached a web site that has a picture of the sample quilt with the stars on it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hoop Sisters Feathered Star Quilt

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Wow Robbi...I'm clueless on all this embroidery work, but I can appreciate and marvel at the results. the color selection is great. Looking forward to seeing the final keep pics posted.

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That will be lovely, very deluxe with all the rich colors and heavy embroidery--reminds of Christmas.

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