New Pool Build in MS (pics)

bird.nerdOctober 20, 2011

The pool build started Monday and is moving fast.

They shoot concrete tomorrow.

Thank you Natural One for your guidance on the pool finish. We are going with beadcrete "majestic" WITHOUT any white. We are replacing the white with cobalt. I really appreciate the pictures sent, etc.

I can't figure out how to post pictures here... this is the link to Flickr:

If anyone can tell me how to post here I will gladly do it!

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I am impressed. We started our build in MD last week and I still only have a hole, no plumbing, rebar or concrete. Looks nice and big. What size/depth is the pool. Keep posting. When are they supposed to be done?

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This is part of a remodel (and dream) of my childhood home. The house is underway also!

The pool is adjacent to "Mama's" garden (see the hedge near by).

The main pool is 14' x 30" the sitting area at the far end adds 8' to the length.

The shallow end is 4' graduating to 8' at deep end. The sitting area is 4' from bottom (in the middle where you stand).

Steps at both ends of pool...geometric vs wedding cake. Step at sitting area is more for a "step out option" versus having to swim the length of the pool. (Cocktail area...LOL).

Also sun shelf surround in shallow end (for sunning and little ones... grandkids I hope to have SOMEDAY...but not yet)!

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to post the pics here...have a new computer and learning here with Mac.

I will keep posting pics and SO appreciate all the learning and advise on this site. I am happy to answer questions if I can...although I am a novice.

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Hello, I see your posts are over a year old. I am a pool contractor and we are planning to use BeadCrete's Majestic finish. I love what you are doing with replacing the white beads with cobalt. I don't see any pictures anywhere. Do you have any Pics available to see? I would so appreciate it!

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What color tile did you use. I am choosing mine soon and I really like the looks of yours.

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