remote control for pool lights-do I want one?

dcassOctober 31, 2012

It won't cost me any extra to have the electrician put in a remote control for the pool lights instead of installing a light switch in the house. Are there any downsides to doing it via remote?


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The only "downsides" I can think of it being wireless is battery cost over time and possibility of losing it.

If it was for a light only, I think I would actually want it hardwired. If it was going to control more than that, I prefer wireless.

In the end it's all personal preference.

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Have wireless for everything, and love it.
Runs lights,speed of pumps,adjust temp. of spa,if I want the spa bubbling like crazy, or nice calm bubbles, all with a touch of a button or two.
Never had any problems with remote, and if I ever did, would just have to go out to equipment pad to run whatever I needed to.
Highly recommend it, but it all boils down to personal preferance.

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Depends on the lights selected for in the pool.


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Kinda nice to not have to go outside to run everything. Is there lights to where you have to go to turn them on. If you have to get a flashlight out to go there! May as well have the remote.

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I just had a new pool built and have the remote. It is nice. If you choose it you will like it. So nice to not have to go over to the pool equipment to turn on the light and water feature.

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Our light switch was run to the lanai by the sliding door which is perfect.
My PB's crappy electrician was planning to run a conduit along the wall so the box would stick out and there was no way that was going to happen, so before he did the final wiring, my DH went into the attic and ran the wires down inside the block wall and then we chiseled out a hole in the concrete for the box to fit inside. So it looks built in.
The spa jet pump switch is also there, which is stupid, because now we almost never use it. We're all manual, so all the other spa settings are at the pool equipment except the jet pump which requires a trip back to the lanai.
If I had a light remote, I'd have to establish a shelf or cubby to keep it so it wouldn't get lost, so then why not just have a switch on the wall?

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Half of you didnt understand the original poster's question.

It has nothing to do with going to the equipment, but rather in inhouse wired switch or a wireless remote.

Scott brings up a good point. Assuming they are white lights it's all personal preference. if color LED, I would splurge for a nice remote with a light menu for selecting modes, times and colors.

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natural_one, the OP said that it won't cost any more, so that's not a "splurge".
I think preference for switch vs remote has to do a lot with the location of the pool, the equipment, and the switch. I say if there's a good location for a switch that makes sense, that's the way to go. No worries about losing it, dropping it in the water, batteries, etc.
If not, then go remote, and be careful!

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c9pilot.... Im assuming that a pool builder who is saying that a remote that is the same cost as a light switch is either a cheap x10 unit or a cheap fiberstars remote. My point was if they have, for example, and intellibrite light, to "splurge" for an easy touch system that has light menus capable of controlling every option the intellibrite has, but in a an easier way than just on/off on/off to get through modes.

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natural_one: I understand that. I do have the on/off, on/off switch and haven't really figured it out, but honestly, we almost never turn our lights on. If we're swimming in the dark, it's because we want to swim in the dark (wink wink).
I'd say in two years we've turned the lights on maybe a dozen times when we've had friends over after dark.

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thanks all for the feedback. Although we are just dealing with a basic white light, we went with the remote. When we met with the electrician the light switch locations were less than desirable because of the way our house is laid out, so this made things more aesthetically pleasing for us. It did not cost anymore because normally he would have had to go in the attic to do the wiring, and this way he did not have to do that so cost was a wash.

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I am happy for you dcass, your concerns with regards of pool lights is already settled in which you save more money of that electrician guy. Actually you can make more attractive pool lighting as you want. You can read more pool lights ideas here if you have time . Hope this can help you. Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful:

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