Intelliflo VF, Intellitouch I5, pump on/off continuously

linwood.fergusonOctober 1, 2010

Had a Intelliflo VF installed on my 12k gallon pool with attached spa, and the Intellitouch re-flashed. It is programmed and everything works... well, almost.

Note it was done today. That may be relevant.

The "pool" setting is configured so the Intelliflo calculates pool turns and time and decides how long to run (as opposed to a fixed flow rate).

Pool-fast, Spa, and Spa-fast all work fine, but are set at pre-programmed flow rates.

Pool comes on, but when running the pump will run for a few minutes (like 2-3), then turn off for a minute or two, then turn back on. The light on the control panel does not go off. The Intelliflo status on the menu shows "normal" but zero watts while it is off.

The pump is primed and pumping, there are no alerts.

If I change the "pool" programming to be a specific flow rate the pump comes on and runs continuously as expected, at the specified flow rate.

It is only when it is supposedly calculating how long to run by turnover that it does this crazy off/on thing.

The Pentair guy was here (he did the reflash -- note a local pool guy), and said "you often have to wait a full day for them to settle in, it may think it has already finished for the day".

OK... fair enough, though if it were finished it would stay off; and if it were not it should stay on.

He agrees it is not priming or anything related. And there's no VSRS system on the pool (this is a real VF, not the VS-3050).

Anyone else seen this? I guess I can wait for tomorrow, but am curious and see a lot of Intelliflo discussion in this forum, so should be lots of experience.

PS. My old Whisperflo drew a measured 2300 watts, and ran 8 hours per day. I'm getting OK skimming at about 200 watts. I'm expecting to saving $629/year! And I literally cannot hear it run from the pool. Very nice.

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Thank you lin for that report, tending to confirm my suspicion that the typical vastly complex ultra-modern multi-speed semiconductor power-switching externally microelectronic-programmed variable-flow pump so touted by the "experts" might not be overkill

Thuys i f you had to start over might you simply have chosen a one-speed 200-w pump, depending on your existing timer to turn it on and off

Why does the Establishment consider us pool owners wealthy

The smaller pump of course would also have represented a saving not only of initial price but also in terms of long-haul service and reliability, especially if you live in an environmentally unfriendly site as I do in California's Mojave Desert

Incidentally I was pleased to learn of your saving as well as the noise reduction but surprised to learn that you found skimming still satisfactory. At present I use a 1 hp pump but skimming is barely adequate in the hot months when the solar cover is off 3 hours a day--especially when the wind has shifted away from the skimmer port

Of course given a VF like yours with a choice of flow rates I could run it like yours at high speed for a couple of hours a day but then I'd achieve very little if any saving on electricity. Notwithstanding such gain I don't look forward to the idea of manually skimming before each plunge

Thanks again for your report

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dale, take your uneducated, opinionated, troll ass the hell out off this board. You can't even balance a pool, let alone offer meaningful technical advice.


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Golly Scott aren't we allowed opinions

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Please keep them to yourself. Lets keep this thread on topic.


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Very well Scott but I was dumbfounded by your reaction as I had thought my post was on target and somewhat neutral in tone so I m curious to learn specifically what I said that so upset you. Since this is all OT however, I am and welcome your reply

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The Pentair rep came back, erased all the programming, reset the pump to factory, reprogrammed everything in Intellitouch, and it now works perfectly.

FWIW. And I'm quite happy.

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"Why does the Establishment consider us pool owners wealthy "

Why cater to a market to a market that doesn't buy anything/much.

You should spend less money on words and more money on a pool pump.

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