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rosajoe_gwMay 22, 2011

We live close to Savannah, Georgia and very close to Ft. Stewart. The hate church has decide to protest at various churches and even high schools. This area shops, eats, and some go to churches in Savannah. This weekend everyone has decided to stay away. It is so sad that while the majority go out of their way to show support for our brave men and women this small, mouthy, hate group can cause so much emotions. I am praying that our HUGE military presence in the area will totally ignore them.

Listening to this group spew their hate only makes me more determine to make QOV for the families of the soldiers. And the soldiers too LOL!!!!!

They have a tremendous amount of support in our area, people turn out to welcome them home and to bless their departures. We also have many military fams and retirees living here.

This too shall pass, pray for the hate mongers of the worlds that their hearts may feel peace!!!!


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I have nothing buy admiration, respect & gratefulness, for our military men & women. They are doing an extremely difficult job in a wretched place - & all for people they've never seen - me & my family! And everyone elses'! It breaks my heart & makes me mad as H--- when hateful people open their mouths & spew their garbage. I pray that the soldiers & particularly their families have deaf ears to all that. I think of children who are living without a parent while they are off fighting for us. What must they be feeling when they are subjected to such horrible words & actions?? It's unfortunate that those of us who DO support the military aren't heard from thro the media like the hate mongers are. What I wouldn't do to see their mouths glued shut!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. And the plug for Quilts of Valor - an awesome ministry to our military! I've wanted to get involved w/that project, but never get around to it. :( Now would be a good time to follow thro. If you don't see me post something about starting a quilt for QOV in the next week or so --- call me on it! I can sometimes get spurred to action w/a little accountability!

Thanks again for sharing,

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The Westboro "church" members are beneath contempt. Their whole motivation is money.

In other words, they protest at funerals of the military families, or other "high value targets" hoping to incite the mourners to some sort of violence. Then they sue. It's how they stay in business.

The Patriot Guard is very active here in Texas, and I'm grateful for that.

Cindy - make that Quilt of Valor! You'll never regret it. My number 26 is on my schedule for when I finish up the auction quilt I've committed to.

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They are a sad group! I have to give credit to the media, they announced when the group would be here, and then ignored them!
Parking spaces in front of the targeted areas are blocked and streets in front of them have been temporarily closed. It's a sad day when these people can consider themselves Christians. These hate mongers don't think about the fact that our brave men and women are the reason they can travel and spew their hatred and lies legally.
My 21yo nephew is training in the hot desert heat as we *speak* and I see so many young families where mothers and or fathers are deployed.
We'll remind you Cindy!!!!

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I have many family members who are vets, and truly appreciate the service they give their country. I think this "church" should be banned from protesting, but given that it is their "right", here is how some people have chosen to voice their opinions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Urban Prankster

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And many soldiers have paid with their lives for the freedom these people have! If they're against our military, then leave our country!

Cindy, Don't forget a QOV quilt.


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I am so proud of the media, they did not give them the coverage they were hoping for!!!!
The newspaper gave a short report of about 200 turning out wearing hats and other costumes and being in a great mood. A local comedian entertained the group. One of the ministers said he was happy the hate mongers came, church attendance was way up that day lol!!!
I think most of the nation is tired of this group and we have more important gossip to entertain us, like, what is Arnold up to these days.

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Rosa, they picketed a funeral at our church a couple of years ago for a young man killed in Afghanistan. We sent word out to the congregation to stay away from them and not respond to them, and there was no media coverage other than a small mention that they were in town. I think ignoring them is the best thing to do! Kinda takes the wind out of their sails.


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