Pool Pops Out of the Ground

c9pilotOctober 19, 2013

If you don't believe that a concrete pool will pop out of the ground - here's proof that it will!

The TV segment interviewed the woman and she said that she'd done this before without a problem, so she did it again. Guess she got lucky the first time.

They also mentioned the proper way to empty a pool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool in the news...

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I don't think the pool was a gunite installation.
It appears to be a fiberglass pool shell.

I attempted to dig a hole along the foundation last summer to fix a wall crack along the basement window wall. I had a crack from the corner of the window to the footer. I was able to clear a six foot hole on the outside of the home. The pressure was intense. My ears hurt every time i descended past three feet.
I installed a gunite pool this summer . On my weekly to do list is to check the water level in the pool for the winter. Too much water above the freeze line will crack the coping and tile, too little water will cause the gunite to crack. We have not had rain in over 6 weeks so although pool is closed I peak to see the evaporation rate.

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double post

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Wow that's horrible. I looked at all the pictures and it looks to be a gunite pool. How sad. Horrible that the insurance is not going to cover this.

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I was wrong. The popped pool can be a gunnite and I skimmed over the post referring to the homeowner interview.
Having felt the hydrostatic pressure when the backyard hole was dug i asked the pool builders about pools popping out of the ground. I was told the fiberglass pools are the most common to pop. I never considered this info as questionable. I bought it hook line and sinker.
I could not sleep last night so I finally completed my pool builder's survey. The pool survey got me to mull over the construction and sale's phases.
I never thought to google " can gunnite pools pop out of the ground" I read a few websites saying that gunnite pools are more common to pop up like a cork/boat. I do have a hydrostatic release valve but still wonder when will it fail.
We have had barely any rain for over 7 weeks. Instead of looking at submersible pumps I should be adding water to my winterized gunnite pool.
What a horrible site to discover seeing a popped pool.

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Yeah - any type of pool "can" dislodge out of the ground;however, fiberglass are the most prone to this happening. I'm not surprised that the insurance company ISN'T covering this incident, as it's widely known knowledge that you must keep water in a fiber glass pool, or atleast pull the hydrostatic valve in the main drain in gunite/concrete pools to allow water to equalize pressure.

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