For those of you with chimney hoods

rikerkApril 5, 2011

I was wondering how much space you left to the left and right of your chimney style hood? Do you put it right against the cabinets or leave some open space? I looked in the finished kitchens but only found a category for custom hoods. Thanks Kim

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My new kitchen will have a 6" gap between the cabinet edge and the hood. This gap is on the wide side, from the kitchens I've seen. I have subway tiles running up to the ceiling, so I definitely want to show some tile around the hood. I'll have the same 6" gap between the wall cabinets and the window frame on another wall.

Of course it all depends on how much space you have and how much you are willing to sacrifice some storage in your wall cabinets for aesthetics. But I think that in order not to look cramped, I wouldn't have less than 3". I've seen a 4" gap in a friend's kitchen that looks very pleasing. More than 6" starts to make the hood truly "float" on the wall, which is a striking look, especially if you have a contemporary kitchen or want an "unfitted look".

There seems to be no right or wrong answer. Much of your decision will depend on the overall scale of the range wall and hood and the "look" you are trying to achieve in terms of balance and positive and negative space. Best wishes.

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We have about 2 or 3 inches. I'd get up to measure but I don't want to disturb the dachshund sleeping on my lap. I will say that I like the space in-between the cabs and the hood as it makes cleaning the hood an easy task. And I like the way it looks.

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The cabs on either side of the hood butt up against the hood. Looks good to us and maximizes storage (using cabs that width). If it's a form vs. function issue for you, you have to decide which is more important. If you have oodles of storage/space, go with what you like best.

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There's 3.5" of space between the hood and the cabs on either side. I didn't get a say. Just worked out that way. Looks good. (Will look great when the custom-made one piece vent cover goes up in a week!)

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Actually we have already ordered our cabinets and I have since decided to switch from the 30"OTR to a 30" Chimney style hood. I really don't have much leeway. Next to the cabinets on each side are windows and there is 4.25" space to the edge of the window trim. I can bump it down to about 2.75" and leave 1.5" open on each side of the hood. I didn't think of this when I ordered the hood.

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I have 1" b/w them...and it's still enough room to clean and doesn't look like too big of a gap.

Is it too late to change the hood order? Maybe switch to a 36" hood instead of a 30"? It's usually recommended your hood be 6" wider than your cooking surface anyway, especially if your hood doesn't abut the adjacent cabinets (or when the hood is over an island or peninsula, which doesn't apply to you).

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I bought the hood on ebay and I definitely can't fit a 36" hood in the space. The range area is between 2 windows and is as follows: I have the window with trim, 2.75" space, 24" cab, 1.5" space, chimney hood, 1.5" space, 24" cab, 2.75" space and the window with trim. Hopefully the 1.5" space will be enough.

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Mine butts up with the cabinets next to it.

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i was "told" that it is code (where i live) to have 3" on either side of a chimney-style hood. i haven't verified this, but did it anyway.

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I have 1 " between my chimney hood and the cabinets on either side. I have a 30" hood over a 30" range and I liked the way it looked with a little space. I also tiled up to the ceiling behind the hood. I asked the same question when I was doing my kitchen and got various answers. I think it's just a matter of taste.

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Thank you all for your replies. It seems like an inch on each side will probab;y be enough.

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@ francoise47: do you have a picture of your kitchen with the 6inch spacing?

Trying to picture it but can't =s

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