Depth of 20x 40 pool. Help!

hrunnergirlOctober 18, 2010


We have friends that have encouraged us to consider a play pool with 6 feet in the middle. We would like to be able to play volleyball. We are going to have a slide, no diving board. We have 3 kids ages 14 11 and 7 and can't decide what depth should look like...Also considering 3 6 going to 6 in the deep end.

Any thoughts/advice???

Thank you!


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Hi hrunnergirl, we're just getting started and have opted to go with a traditional 3' to 8' depth. Some of our neighbors have the more shallow type pools (to 6') but we opted for the deeper deep end b/c we will have a lot of kids playing in the pool and want them to have the option to dive safely. I know we could keep our now 4-year old from diving for some years to come, but you never know so we're playing it safe. (Also, I like to dive every now and again!) good luck with your decisions - there are SO many!

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For the play pool option, 6' in the middle is deeper than normal (from what I've read), might want to consider 5'6" max.

For the traditional shallow to deep pool, my pool is 4' to 6' over 36' in length. You need to consider the bottom slope over distance as you try to maximize either the deep or shallow end area.

Finally, this will depend on the area and homeowner's insurance, but you should check rates with & without slides and/or diving boards. In my area some insurance companies have threatened to cancel the policy if the diving board wasn't removed (bizarrely, rocks to jump off seem OK). Something to check on before committing.

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