Quilted projects from last week

jennifer_in_vaMay 2, 2012

Here are the ones I completed last week....

First, my "Going Green" quilt. This was a class that a friend took as a technique, and then didn't like and didn't want to finish. She gave me partially completed blocks. I finished the blocks, put them together and then found both Jinny Beyer fabrics in my stash for borders! The backing was in my stash and I pieced batting... Truly a Green project!!

I did squiggly lines along the angled pieces since they were only fused in place, then some free-motion 'somethings' in the center of blocks.

Then this one was a recycled project from estate sale blocks. I showed this after retreat when I cut diamond blocks down into squares in order to make them fit together. I could only ever see it as Christmas... so I did a tessellating Christmas tree for a quilting design.

Then this is my Fall quilt that I've been working on since I got my embroidery machine about 3 years ago. This is the scrappy patchwork block that I was looking orange fabric for. The patchwork blocks are 8" and have a maple leaf quilt design. I stippled around the embroidery, and did a feather border design.

This one isn't quilted yet. I did this during my March quilting day with my guild. It's a pattern designed by my friend. She did free-motion/thread painting as quilting on hers. I'm trying to get up the gumption to feel that free without fear of ruining it! I chose fall colors , done in batiks, since I needed more fall wall hangings.

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All beautiful, of course. What will you do with all those quilts? Don't know how you get it all done.

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Wow Jennifer - you are very productive! I'm so glad you posted the pictures, it is so fun to see what you have been working on.

Is your last quilt considered a New York Beauty? I really like the way that looks. I've been very interested in circles lately. I'm very impressed that you put that together in one day with your guild. I think it would take me a year!


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Linda~ The "Going Green" I just like, so I'll keep it and change it out on the wall occassionally. The Fall quilt was intended for hanging from Sept-Nov, mixed with my Halloween quilts in Oct.

The red/green one...well, I don't know what I'll do with that. I don't really need it, but it's kind of fun, and fun how it came about from it's original form. At the moment I think it may find a place under my Christmas tree, just because. If anything happens to it, I wouldn't mind.

Lola~ Yes! It's a New York Beauty... Actually, the friend's pattern is called 'New York Beauty Unleashed'. I didn't actually put it all together in one day... I only had half the day of a full-day class, so I went with all the components finished. I put together all but 3 blocks during the afternoon and evening. I got the other 3 blocks & borders done at different times.

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Jennifer, if those were mini-quilts, I'd be impressed, but they are full sized quilts... Wow, is right! Very nice work. How good of you to finish your friend's UFO. I'm sure she was quite relieved. They are all great quilts. Lois

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Lois~ These are all wall hangings of various sizes. But the pieced blocks of the Fall quilt are 64 - 1" squares EACH! Guess those could be called minis!

My friend hasn't actually seen her finished UFO... She missed the guild meeting where I showed the finished top. Hopefully, she'll be at the next one when I show it quilted.

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Jennifer, With all you have going on and you did all of that? Woweeeeeee....great job!!! Love your tree quilting.. @:)


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Seriously, seriously impressed. Beautiful. LOVE the tree quilting on the Christmasy piece!

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They are all beautiful, but I like the squiggly lines quilt the best - that one looks really cool! Awesome work. :-)

Best to you,

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I love the richness of the fall quilt. The xmas quilt suckers me in because I love christmas fabrics, designs - just about anything xmas.

Love your work.


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Love your energy and your quilts! I'm happy you are keeping The Christmasy quilt. Now it has some sentimental value. The quilting is really nice on that one.

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Amazing! The first one is my favorite... I noticed that one of the shops here locally has a class to make one similar to that, but they call it "mosaic tile".... lovely!

Congrats! What accomplishments, and such talent!

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I like your feather quilting on the Fall quilt.
I would like to learn how to quilt the feather design with some sort of confidence. I can barely DRAW it on paper, much less quilt it! Need to practice more.

You and your friend are both very talented!

Love the colors in the last quilt.


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Beautiful projects.
I really like the fall wall hanging....great colors.


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All the quilts are wonderful. I especially like the last one. The colors are so bold. Since starting to follow this forum, I yearn for my color in my home. Didn't notice before that it is a little plain. I imagine your home is lovely with all these fabulous quilts hanging everywhere!

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Love them all!!! The quilting is amazing. I bet your friend is going to want her quilt back now lol!!!

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LOL, Rosa, maybe.

I wish that same friend would gift me her unfinished Bella Bella quilt that she decided she didn't the colors on! It'd finish that one in a heartbeat, too!

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Incredible (as always)!

I still can't get over the impact of that quilt where you 'trimmed' the blocks at retreat to give them a slight angle. Amazing, and so inspiring. Can't wait to see it in person, hanging off the rails... :)


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Beautiful work on all!
I wish I could get up the nerve or had the ability to tackle FMQ. It scares the "bejabbers" out of me. Some day!

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