Pool Newbie needs renovation advice!

mamakto3October 2, 2011

Love this forum! But TBH, I am so overwhelmed with all the information-- here's my problem(s)

We own a vacation home on the NJ shore with an inground pool that was installed somewhere around the mid-late 60's (we think)... forgive me if I use the wrong terminology, but believe it's a concrete pool.

The pool had been serviced by a number of people, including the previous owners, some amateur service companies, and now by a company that we have been pretty satisfied with

As long as we've owned the house (inherited from DH's family), there have been leak issues. Some have improved after the current company did a camera check and found a leak at one of the distal outlets...

BUT there are still a number of cracks and a slow leak (we think). The pool really needs to be resurfaced and painted as well. Our pool guy doesnt do major reno's, but gave us the name of a guy (never returned our call) and a Pebble Tech guy. PT guy gave a great sell. Product is beautiful. But with a price around $30-50K, way way out of our price range.

Going to contact a few others late winter or early spring before opening, but would like to do some reading and research over the winter.

Anyone interested in offering key questions and a basic primer so I don't get taken advantage of??

thanks so much for all of your help.


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Of the pool is Monmouth or Ocean county, click on my user name to email me. Whether you use me or another, at least you'll get straight and honest answers. You can trust me to tell you openly and honestly in person, just as I do here and on other boards.


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