How To Get Rid Of These Well Water Stains

colorblind1961October 4, 2012

We have a 6 year old, 35,000 gallon, plaster, in-ground pool. This pool has been so easy to maintain with zero issues until about two years ago when we noticed a few yellowish/rusty colored circular marks by the steps of our pool. Our pool co. ruled out mustard algae (or any algae for that matter) noted that all ph, chlorine, etc. levels were great and came to the conclusion that it is due to our well water. They treated with Jack's Magic Black Stuff, and that seemed to hold it at least for the first season.

Fast forward to this grew from the step area and appears to be moving outward in the pool. There is no powder residue and hardly any pitting (you can't really feel anything when you rub your finger on it). Our pool co. just left today saying, again, it's hard water stains from our well water, while it may be unsightly, nothing to worry about. They said there is no need to empty the pool, treat with muradic acid and re-paint our pool.

We have used various stain bags and powders, brushed and scrubbed the stains and nothing seems to work.

My you agree and what, if anything can we do to make this look better, if it's just cosmetic?


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Have you tried an ascorbic acid treatment?

I have had good luck removing stains with it.

To spot test, get a vitamin C tablet and rub it on one of the stains. If it goes away, you have it.

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Post chemistry number that don't come from a strip.

Do you have any similar stains anywhere else this water is used?


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goyom....haven't tried that...but I sure will. Can I treat with water in the pool (if it works?) Thanks!!

Scott....No because every other water source is run through our very large water treatment system. We actually disconnected our outdoor hoses from our treatment system 2 years ago due to the fact that the water was killing our lawn/plants and the finish on our cars. That is exactly when this all started. Also, two years ago, after a very bad winter (record amounts of snow) we needed 700 gallons to re-fill our pool. Got it trucked in...what kind of water that was, no one knows.
Not sure what you are asking about Chemistry numbers. Thanks!!!

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Yes, with water in the pool.
There is a specific method, you bring the ph to a specific amount and chlorine to zero. Then add ascorbic acid a certain amount per 10,000 gallons. Your pool store will have the exact method per the product you choose. I have water with lots of iron and manganese and have to do this treatment yearly, even with sequesterants I get some light staining, and my white polaris 280 starts to take on a light brown sheen. Once I hit it with the vitamin C, the stains dissapear in a few minutes.

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pH, Alk, and calcium hardness are of particular interest. These look to be calcium stains. If they are,, they won't come off easily or quickly. The numbers asked for will tell a lot. Also test the fill water. Do NOT use strips.

Also, if nothing else works, then you may have to try gently sanding the stains with a wet/dry extra fine (220 grit) sand paper.

700 Gallons or 7000? Trucked water is generally municipal water.

Now you and others understand why testing your water with a proper test kit is so important. Relying on strips or others telling you it's OK doesn't fly. Homeowners MUST have at least a basic understanding of pool chemistry and why it's important. "Professional" service providers may not be as well versed as they need to be.

It's your pool. You need to be. I teach my customers but many/most don't. They want you to depend on them for the mystery for they fear lost business and dependency. That is just nonsense.


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