Need help/advice on Gunite Pool

srbamiOctober 22, 2010

I am in the final stages of hiring a pool company to install my gunite pool in South Louisiana. However, out of 5 estimates I hear the same things which are negatives on beach entry pools. The waterline will leave stain not really a good idea, etc. So I have done away with the one thing I really wanted and settled for a play ledge for the first step. Now onto picking out coping and plaster colors and cannot find any good pics on the autumn brick coping. Nor can I find any pics on Diamond Brite colors Pearl Teal or Pearl Blue. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I heard the same advice on a beach entry gunite pool as well here in Georgia from 4 different PB. So I too eliminated the one thing I was really wanting and went with a 6' tanning ledge which we LOVE! We kept hearing about the staining, massive water evaporation, amount of space the beach entry would take, etc. I hope you will be as happy with your "modification" as we are.

Sorry I can't help with the pics on Diamond Brite. Our interior is PebbleTec Carribean Blue.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the follow up! What color plaster did you go with and do you have pics? We have decided to put bubblers on our play ledge 3 to be exact. I have 4 kids and I think they will love it. We have not decided the exact size of the play ledge but I know we want it at least 10ft wide maybe 5ft long before the next step. We were thinking we could also sit in our chairs on the ledge. The play ledge will be consider the first in 3 steps entering our pool. I would love to see a picture of yours.
Thanks again, Srbami

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