Plaster in November or wait until Spring?

PoolMD123October 4, 2012

We are starting our pool build soon. HOPEFULLY next week. I don't forsee the pool being done until the beginning-mid November. It is a gunite pool with white plaster. We were told we need to brush the plaster, keep the pool open for 30 days and run the filter to get out the plaster dust. It will be cold and leaf-y. The leaves could stain the plaster if we are not quick to get them off and out. Should we wait to plaster the pool in the spring? Has anyone done either-leave it undone or keep it open in the fall/winter to clean and brush? Are there other problems with not getting it done and plastered before the winter? We are in Maryland. Thank you!

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I would definitely wait. Have them get everything done that they can in the fall up until they spray the gunite. Then you can do plaster by April 1st. Sometimes earlier if winter is mild.

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Wait, have everything else done, decking, grading, seeding, fence, etc. Plastering ins spring will run no risk of the plaster not curing properly or staining. The 1st 30 days are critical but so are the next so having it open in spring and being able to monitor it will ensure you the best finish

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I am in central MD. When we did our pool, they waited to do the plaster until April of the following year. However, they did the gunite, coping and border before December. Let me tell you, even in April, when you're out there brushing the pool twice a day on a 50 degree day you will be cold and your hands will be numb. Enjoy the experience, it's a great time.

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