cotehele are you around? Link to your kitchen pics.

prillApril 19, 2010

I'm trying to find some threads with pictures of your kitchen, but not having much luck. My daughter is in the process of purchasing a 1910 four square house in the Boston area. I can just picture a kitchen similar to yours in there and would love to show her your pics as inspiration. Hopefully I can get her involved here to get some great planning advice from this forum.

It will be a slow process for them after the initial purchase, but inspiration is good, and your kitchen is so beautiful.

Thanks Prill

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Hi Prill ~ Thank you! The ''progress'' thread was lost awhile back when so many other threads went MIA. I have been away all day, so give me a chance to clean up the kitchen and take a few pictures. It is not finished, but it is really close. So the pictures will be progress pics again. Good luck to your daughter. Planning a kitchen together will be so much fun! I'd love to see pictures of her house. I hope we see here here soon.


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Thanks Judy - can't believe all those posts are gone. There were so many great pictures. No hurry.

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Just bumping up, so cotehele won't have to search for it when she's ready to post.


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not sure where this thread is - I searched and couldn't find it until I used google...

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prill - I am sorry to take so long. Life is intruding on good intentions. I will just post some old pics. The basics haven't changed. It just looks a little more finished now-it's not done, though. I am so embarassed at some of these views. Oh well, it IS a used kitchen, lol. Enjoy the process!

The inspiration:

The plan:


Fridge, cooktop, island and door to the bakery:

Cleanup and dish storage and work side of the island:

Baking dishes, food storage containers, wraps, glassware, tea & coffee:



The prep end and storage side of the island:

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Judy - thanks so much. I wasn't rushing you -- REALLY. With all these missing threads, I just couldn't find it. Your kitchen is beautiful as I remembered. What do you mean, I love the tin foil. I hadn't seen some of these before and thanks for the layout pic. Priscilla

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Priscilla, You are very welcome. I didn't feel rushed as much as not seeing time this week to take another set of pictures. Now if I could get the backsplash and the door panels finished, I would be one happy gal. Please post some pictures of your daughter's house. It sounds lovely.


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Cotehele--I love your kitchen and your soapstone. Do you have any ideas as to what backsplash you are using? I'm looking at backsplash options and my soapstone looks a lot like yours. Trying to get ideas from others with soapstone. Thanks.

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sis2two, I always open the backsplash threads hoping to find inspiration. Ideas have evolved from subway tile (DH doesn't like tile anyplace), to all soapstone (it would be too dark) to a mix of soapstone and tile. I have it mocked up using matte board and images of decorative tile. The scale is actually smaller than it would be IRL. I am stumped finding someone to do the work. Would it be a tile setter or soapstone fabricator or both? I get frustrated and think maybe I should just slap something up and be done with it!

What ideas have you had?

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Cotehele--I keep going back and forth between crackle subway tile and tumbled travertine perhaps in a subway tile also. The crackle tile has that old antique-like look which I really like but the travertine also has a rustic look I like. I am so tired of looking at my royal blue backerboard that I am ready to do something. I also want something that won't compete with my soapstone and be a neutral backdrop. I would like soapstone backsplash also but like you it would be too dark. If you have anymore ideas I'd love to hear them. Good luck on yours.

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