New Pool Build in Southern california

lbphathead19October 1, 2012

Just signed our contract with the PB on Friday and wanted to start a progress link of the build. I believe our pre-inspection in taking place Wednesday the 3rd of October. I will post pics later.

Any thought I what I should expect?

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To spend a lot of money:):).......we are building our pool now too. The first thing was the PB got our plot plan with pool drawing to the city for a building permit. Next we were provided a copy of the drawing to have HOA approval. It took about two weeks to the start of excavation. One day dig. Next two days plumbing and rebar. Next day inspection. Two days later gunite. Today clean up and tile/coping choices. We are in Dallas. I'm not sure of process in SC. Congrats and good luck!

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Our PB took the plans to the city Monday and today we have pre inspection. Can't wait to get this thing started. Been a long time coming.

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Congratulations. We are in the process too in San Diego. It seems to be taking a long time, maybe because we r having such hot weather :) We wish we would have pinned the PB down on a timeline. My husband got a more descriptive timeline after the contract was signed and a work in progress in a meeting with them because we didn't pass gas or electric inspections!! Why did we hire the slightly more expensive builder? We thought they would do their job better but they seemed to subcontract out to the lowest bidder. We did a lot of research first to make sure the company had been around a long time and there are still issues. I guess this is the norm not the exception. Still excited to get a pool, though.

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Thanks for the response. You never know these PB completely. We did our research but I'm still uneasy. Such a big decision.
Why didn't you pass inspection?
How far along are you?

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The gas pressure was low due to a gas leaking. So they have to reschedule the inspection again which it delayed the construction a couple days more.
The pool construction should be done by the of this month.

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Just to keep posted, we passed out pre-site inspection yesterday and now we have about a weeks wait for the plan checks. Can't come soon enough.

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Well the dig started yesterday. They framed it and will finish the dig today. PB says steel will be thursday.

Here is a link to the blog I created to follow pictures.

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Here is the link for the progress

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