cabinets partially installed; feeling disappointed:(

ardcpApril 10, 2014

i ordered medallion silver-line cabinets through a kd at a kitchen place and they are also doing the install. i am feeling let down by the cabinets and install. tell me if this is normal and it will be fine!
1 wall cab has a chunk out of the back and is flush mounted on the wrong side. they installed it anyway and ordered another. the installer alerted my kd. however on inspection last night, another cab has a chunk missing out of the back and the flush veneer side has a small crack and a place that has started to chip. the installer didn't call the kd so i did. she is having her husband (they own the place) verify for warranty. i am kind of disappointed that they didn't say anything during install. then i realized that a drawer has no glide on one side and the 18" cabs to the left of the stove are not aligned, wall has about a 1" gap between wall and cab and the bottom is flush to the wall which means the door will hit the wall. the uppers are not aligned properly so the micro cab is not evenly over the stove so when the otr micro goes over the range, it will be off.
i am upset because i paid more for the kitchen place to do the install than the gc i got a quote from because i thought i would get a better install. not feeling it:(

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installers just got here and addressed every question, yay! walls are bowed and making the cabs even is throwing the alignment off which makes sense since our wall has a visible bow.
now as long as the cab with the veneer imperfections is replaced, i will be pleased.
can i say i am so never doing this again?! all of you that have lived through massive renos, i salute you! i am way too high strung to deal with this for very long:)

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Deep breaths, a remodel is very stressful! It takes some time to get all the kinks worked, but you will get through it and have a beautiful kitchen when all is said and done. Looking forward to the reveal!

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Wow. Thank goodness!

I've experienced that before. My expectations were excited, then reality turned out to be disappointing. Unfortunately, your install people weren't as excited as you were, having done this before. But I get how you feel about why they didn't say anything. That's just not right.

Anyway, I'm really thrilled for you that things are coming along!

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thanks all for the encouragement! it has only been 1 day without a kitchen sink and i hate it! i am not cut out for renos clearly. there go any dreams of being a house flipper, haha:) of course, i hate that i stress over everything but kind of who i am :(

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Kelly Ryan

I totally know the feeling - I had similar concerns when our project started (and still do, as it continues). Some things that I thought were "uneven" just hadn't been tweaked yet. The GC already had a plan - I just wasn't always privy to the plan :-) It helps to ask and talk it out.

that being said, I've also found that for some things, I'm better off not being around when stuff is happening. We had a structural issue with a wall. They had to resupport my 2nd floor while rebuilding the wall with issues. It was better for me to go upstairs and out of the way b/c I couldn't handle the stress! Same with some plumbing changes - it was almost better for me to leave and came back to the work done vs. having to hear all the talking/planning that went into it. I take so much of that as "problems" when it's really just the process. sorry that turned into my own long rant. But you're not alone in noticing/worrying about these things ;-)

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so to update all those who were so supportive, the install is done. they fixed the alignment and are replacing the cabs with defects, yay! thanks all for the sanity check:)
next up : granite...sigh

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Good luck! Glad the installers took care of business for you.

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Good luck! Most everyone goes through this to some degree. I'm like you, I don't have a lot of fortitude to deal with the glitches and frustrations. There were times during my reno that I felt unhinged, and now I'm embarrassed to mention the small details that upset me so much.

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Renovation is not for the faint of heart. Next time I want to go on vacation and come back to a finished product!

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It's not really an installer's place to tell you everything wrong with your kitchen or what's missing or damaged ect...

They should answer your questions if asked directly though.

You wouldn't want them telling you that you opted for middle of the road cabinets or picked an uber trendy finish or your contractor coulda done your floors better or....

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Glad to hear things are getting straightened out for you. It is a stressful process, but will be worth it in the end. At least that's what I keep telling myself! We have Medallion gold line going in now with countertop install happening this Friday. Wine works for me.

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Ya, all these things can be nerve-wracking as we know. Eeesh... I'm glad we're about done. You hang in there, it sounds like the people are addressing the issues for you.

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" was almost better for me to leave and came back to the work done vs. having to hear all the talking/planning that went into it. I take so much of that as "problems" when it's really just the process."

This should be required reading for this forum.

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i get what you are say trebruchet but i stayed out of the kitchen during install and found out when the plumber came to do the temp sink, that the sink base is not a butt door even though that is what the kd ordered. medallion sent the wrong base, 2 cab boxes were damaged, the owner found a bubble under the veneer on one box and i just found a small nick on a drawer front. if the homeowner isn't there to inspect the cabs, they might have some unwelcome surprises when they come back! i am kicking myself for not noticing the center stile sooner because i have already had my granite templated and don't want to reorder and reinstall now so the kd is going to order larger doors and have one of her installers remove the stile. she is ordering a drip tray? to cover the screw holes at the bottom of the cab. now i have to decide if i can live with the small nick on the drawer or bring it up to the kd to see if it's a warranty item.

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