Precast Concrete Coping

shmatbertOctober 5, 2012

Hi Everyone - I have been lurking for a while, just joining today to ask my first question. We have started talking to pool builders. The kind of pool we like is a modern, formal, rectangle, reflecting pool look. Because the type of stone that would help us achieve the look we like is out of our budget, we were thinking of using precast concrete coping but the builders we have spoken with so far keep directing us toward a more natural cut limestone. Is precast concrete expensive relative to stone? I know there are many types of stone so I'm just wondering what the cost of precast concrete is on average and why a builder wouldn't want to use it. Thanks! Rebecca

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I had one PB tell me it was more expensive becaus eof the molds abut another told me it was around the same as flagstone. My wife and i are in the same situation going back and forth between the 2 looks.
I like the concrete because its clean and simple but the stone just adds the touch, ya know.

Hope i helped

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A good precast is custom made for your pool. It should be 3 1/2 inches thick comes in different reliefs and colors and different types of finishes such as acid, smooth and travertine. There is precast coping that is not as thick or as custom that you can buy right off the shelf. That could be the reason for the same pricing as the flag stone. You should have your builder check into doing poured in place coping. It should be cheaper than the precast but more than the flagstone. It will give you the same look as the precast.

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Lori B

We like the rectangle reflecting pool look also, and were wondering about pre-cast concrete coping and concrete over sized square decking also. I believe it wouldn't have to be sealed if we did a saltwater pool. I also read it may be less costly. True?? In pics I have found, the concrete looks like a nice look...but why have 2 PBs not referred us to it immediately??

shmatbert - did you use the concrete coping -- do you like it?

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