Would you live in this house?

goldeneyedaisyMay 25, 2012

Beautiful, but too cold for me...

Here is a link that might be useful: Inside Celine DionĂ¢s $29.7 million castle in Quebec

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Doesn't seem cold to me. Some of the rooms are very large, with stone floors, but others are paneled in wood all the way around.

What I don't understand is why someone would buy a house of that size if they have no use for all the space. Very large old mansions at least got well-used, and were typically full of family members young and old, immediate and extended, as well as tutors and guests and such. For two people to buy such a house for occasional use seems immensely wasteful to me.

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It is very grand! I think it's a little cold too. Interesting that they are planning to move into a much smaller house (in Montreal).

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Looks like it has no soul. I would have at least presented the video and pics with a dinner party in process or the chef flipping pancakes... have something human going on.

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Beautiful, magnificent, but totally lacks soul.

I felt the same thing as others, not a photo of any human. I know it is not industry standard to put photos of people in a real estate ad, but this video seems like a preview of a 'ghost' movie :)

You can imagine after the aria is over, something ghastly is about to happen!

The older I get, the more I find large homes wasteful. From my travels around the world, I find human closeness is jeopardized by huge, isolated homes.

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If you can get past the "museum-like" exterior which is ghastly, there isn't much to draw you inside. Couple rooms seem family friendly, but the rest is so disappointing. I think the music should be something from Phantom of the Opera because I'm sure he lives in that basement.

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Reminds me of a high-end resort hotel I recently stayed at while traveling on business. Would I live in the house? No - not even if I could afford to. I crave coziness and quaintness, neither term being remotely applicable here.

On first glance, the exterior reminded me of Fright Farm in Morgantown, WV ...

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I thought it was lovely for what it was - the house of someone ultra rich. I must have counted four eating areas. The video production was awful - the overuse of fade outs in time to the music drove me nuts.

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Yes, I'd live there!
But first, I'd need about two and a half million to redecorate in a much more relaxed and welcoming style - still formally arranged, but with warmth and comfort in mind - and then I'd need someone to come in every week to refresh all the big lovely flower arrangements, and water all the great big potted trees and plants, and a full-time house staff of five, not counting the garden and grounds people, to take care of the house and the rotation of all our visiting family and friends, and a relationship with a whacking good caterer so we could use it for big festive fund-raisers for the causes we care about, and for the community fairs and garden parties and children's halloween galas we'd throw...
Whoops. Getting a bit carried away there...

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I think DeeDee summed it up really well with the term it lacks soul. There is nothing personal or warm about it to me. I could never feel comfortable living in something like that. Maybe that's why they didn't use it much as well.

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I suspect they use only a few rooms and those rooms looked lived in. It strikes me as pretty "cold" and very impersonal. However, I could live in that kitchen!

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Wise decision to move on to something smaller. Maybe Celine hasn't taken leave of her senses afterall!

It's just way to big. Who needs it? WHY would someone want it? It's a trophy house, pure and simple. It's not a home...it's merely an ostentatious display of a vast sum of wealth.

It would be so refreshing to see a fabulously wealthy celebrity just buy a nice house, live below their means, and get real. There's got to be more to life than jogging or roller skating from room to room, counting the square feet as you go. This kind of lifestyle has got to feel very empty, lonely and sad.

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I couldn't watch for more than about a minute. The constant changing pix, before you could even see the room, drove me nuts. Evidently either a longer look would show the flaws in the space and the emptiness, or the person editing has a short attention span, and has never done a real estate video.

The house looked like it was set up as a 'trophy'. Look how much money I have and how I can afford this. Not a home at all.

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......in a hearbeat, and would decorate in MY style, which would be more down to earth. I'm of the opinion since celebrities have sooooo much money the decorating is almost *expected* to be over the top. Can you imagine a house that size decorated in cottage or shabby chic? A warm French Country would be my cup of tea. ;o)

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The music seems wrong with the video--very Tim Burtonesque.

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It's not as bad as I thought.

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How about this 'world's most expensive home'?

Here is a link that might be useful: Antilia

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I would not live in it. I would be embarrassed by such a show of wealth and materialism.

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Agree with all. Can you imagine how many people it takes to maintain? On a private island? Is there a private doctor there too?

These homes always elude me and this specific one might suit Harry Potter's school, or any school. With the size and location, a perfect donation for rehab program. When looking at them I also realize the owners, regardless of who they are, own a few more of like expanse.

I do enjoy Hooked on Houses. She comes up with some great mixes of what is going on.

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Waving hands, I'LL TAKE IT!!!

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I actually like this house more than I thought I would.

Overall, like the Biltmore House, I don't really want to live there though I appreciate it's beauty.

Now that basement room with wine cellar and dinner table, that would be a cool entertaining space.

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I couldn't watch the whole video. The music...

But, what I did see was lovely. Not my taste, but the decor is surprisingly tasteful for someone who makes their living in Vegas.

Would I choose it for a home? No, but I haven't been an indulged artist since the age of 12.

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It would be so refreshing to see a fabulously wealthy celebrity just buy a nice house, live below their means, and get real.

Warren Buffet, the ultra-rich businessman, still lives in the house he and his wife bought in the 1950s. He has upgraded the security systems and has a housekeeper and chauffeur, but he's not into needless spending.

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Meh. I had a hard time getting a good look, the constant jumping around made me a bit seasick (I'd muted the sound). I wasn't that impressed. Some of the rooms seemed small for such a large place. They had really high ceilings, but not as much floor space as I'd have expected.

I was very put off by the furnishings...noticed everything was so provincial style and spindly, maybe that is why it came off as cold? No feeling of comfort. And a dire lack of color in that house. Personally, I found the WT hideous, but that is not my style at all. And I thought the lighting seemed a bit underwhelming, too.

Interesting, too, was that some of the bedrooms were decorated in a very contemporary style. They didn't show too much of the bathrooms (only one that I saw), although many home tours don't focus on them. So I wonder what they're like.

To answer the question, no, I wouldn't like to live in that house. For that size of a manse, I'd prefer a better layout.

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LG, that's admirable of WB! I think Ron Paul lives in pretty modest digs too.

Also, I do realize there are large houses out there that are indeed Real, and quite desirable "homes!" We all appreciate and admire many of the spacious, well-built, beautifully decorated houses in our areas! You know the ones...they are filled with well-loved furniture and art, with nicely-appointed kitchens and baths. They are also truly lived-in, intimate and inviting.

But, there are large, spacious homes, and there are giganormous "structures" that don't seem functional or friendly. These houses and their neighborhoods are described as "sought after," in the real estate ads. People buy them, not because they "click" with the property, not because the landscape or architecture speaks to them, but because the place offers a showy exterior, lots of square footage, and the right zip code.

I don't get seeking after such a house! Never understood the whole "house as trophy" concept I guess.

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I guess I'm looking at it from two different perspectives. My first thought was that this was about the most livable, appropriately scaled 24,000 square-foot house I've ever seen. Typically these are vanity projects of stars who ignore their architects, or put up by developers who go for the big bang and forget about scale and livability. I think they actually got it right on this one. The facade is fairly in keeping with the era it seeks to represent, and the interior rooms, while large, seem to relate well to one another.

On the second look, I wondered whether "I" could live in it. Putting aside for a moment the maintenance, utilities and cost involved, I think I could probably actually live in it. For the reasons stated above.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I didn't think it was cold at all, except maybe where the marble/travertine floors are and that is expected. Loved the cellar dining area. I would pull some of the furniture closer together for easier conversation in a couple rooms, but over all, I think it was lovely. I suspect that it is staged for sale. Really, who has nothing on a kitchen counter? No matter the size of the house, real estate agents ALWAYS tell owners to put away personal stuff and clear clutter.

Not my style especially (too ornate in lots of areas), but yes, I probably could live there...for a while anyway.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I didn't watch much of it but all those flat ceilings really turned me off.

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I'm actually don't think it is that bad, considering who owns it. I would have expected much worse...

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"Really, who has nothing on a kitchen counter?"

Actually, my mom. Both of her kitches in her two homes are all white - Corian countertops, white appliances, white cabinetry, white ceramic tile floor, white range hood. She cannot abide anything on her counters in the kitchen.

Kinda feels like a surgical suite when you are in there. LOL :-)

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Funny, Les! I understand her wanting it clear and uncluttered, but I have never been able to attain a completely clear counter. I am a little envious.

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