Revere Pewter walls....what color ceiling

homeagainMay 20, 2012

Hi all,

You may remember that I've been painting my first floor rooms for about a year now. The new foyer color that I finished last fall is BM Revere Pewter and I would like to paint the ceiling a color too. Not just white.

The adjacent rooms are the dining room, which is painted BM Iron Mountain. For the ceiling in this room I played around with some samples I had and came up with a barely there gray with the barest hint of blue....

The home office is BM Chelsea Gray and for the ceiling in this room I also mixed what I had on hand (BM Restrained Gold and BM White Dove) and have a pale yellow.

I wanted to do a very pale aqua blue on the foyer ceiling and picked up a sample of BM Palladian Blue yesterday. It is much too dark and leans too green for what I had in mind. I'm just not in the mood to mix paints this time.

Has anyone used a really pale barely there aqua? Do you all think aqua would work in this space or should I do the same blue/gray on the dining room ceiling? Or go a totally different direction like that other BM favorite Edgecomb Gray?

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With gray, I have often used the palest possible hint of peachy pink on the ceilings. It warms the space up wonderfully, and picks up the rosiness in your pretty cheeks! I tried it to draw up the pink in the portrait, and it worked so well that I've used it in other projects since.

Here's an example from our old library (sorry I keep recycling the same old photos, but it's what I have to illustrate this one...). You can barely see the pink, but it's there! In the second photo, it looks much stronger than it looked in real life.
This color is called Peach Tulle, and I think it was Martin Senour. A similar one is SW 7117 Melon Tint.

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Wow! Your RP looks a lot more gray than our RP does in our house. Of course our electricity hasn't been turned on yet. Yours looks so much like a true gray (Gray Owl or Horizon) on my iPhone. We just went with RP at 25% on the ceiling. It worked for us. Edgecomb is fairly close in tone to RP bit lighter. So it might end up giving you the same effect anyway.

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If you are looking for a pale, pale aqua blue, Benjamin Moore has a color called glass slipper that I looked at. I decided to go with a darker color, but it's very pretty.

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Oooh, I like the pink, however, I don't think I have even one pink item in my house. Does that matter?

babs, I've seen RP in other home photos and it looks much more beigey. It is always gray in my home.

Namarie. Glass slipper is a pretty color. The problem seems to be that any color on the ceiling looks 2-3 shades darker than on the wall. I painted an entire wall with the Palladian blue in my daughter's bath and it looks just like it does on the chip. But on the ceiling it is much darker.

I think I have to go with a barely there color to get the look that I want. I think RL Baslt is closest to what I have in mind. A very barely there blue.

Any other barely there colors you could suggest?

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I had, and have, no pink anywhere, either. The colors in that library were all greens and terracottas and sisal and medium and dark toned the important thing was to keep it very peachy. The effect was to warm the neutrality of the gray. If you were to choose a blue, you might find the effect colder than you like.

If you wanted to stay with the warm idea, but are a little put off by the pink idea, there's also a nice color adjacent to Melon Tint called French Vanilla (SW 7118) that is a little yellower, but still peachy.

Whatever you decide, try to make sure you are choosing a tone that is light reflective rather than light absorbing...and be sure to look at your sample board -- you will make a sample board, won't you... :>) -- in the plane in which it will live...that is, stuck to the ceiling beside the trim.

You want to avoid what my DH calls the V.A. Hospital effect, when a soft neutral appears in an unhelpful light condition.

End of lecture!

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I've painted several of my ceilings with Ben Moore's Affinity color collection in Constellation. It's a barely there light blue. At might it looks light gray I love it and am always getting compliments on it. I have it with green,gold, grey and beige( just being generic here )

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The BM site recommends:
2112-10 mink
DC-12 dalton blue
978 raccoon hollow
532 winding vines

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Revere Pewter is my all-time favorite paint color....I had it in my last house in the master bedroom and it's going up in this house in the master also. I used that paint at 25% on the ceiling before, and it made the white woodwork look gorgeous...but that peach is amazing! Hmmm...I'm rethinking this ceiling thing! Is there a BM color that might be close to the Peach Tulle? We don't have Martin Senour here. Is it just a very faint peach?

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I'm headed away for the weekend, Gigi, but, yes, it's a faint peach, headed more toward beige than toward pink - Sherwin Williams has one that's similar called "Organza" SW6637.

Sorry I don't have more time to help today!

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Thanks!! I'll go look today!!

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