Golden Threads Question

anitastitchMay 11, 2011

Hi Quilters,

Today I'm experimenting with free motion quilting using Golden Threads. So far, so good, but was wondering if there's an easy way to remove the paper once finished sewing. Any ideas?

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I have mostly used copy paper for FM quilting. You just tear off as much as you can and the rest should come out in the wash. I think one of Golden Threads' selling points is that is dissolves easily.


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Pull as much as possible then wash. It'll take care of itself!

You can also spritz it with water and that makes it easier to pull off.

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I've never used it. Is it easy? Fun? Good results?


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It is basically onion skin paper that can be used for drawing your quilt design onto and thne placing onto your top. There are a few ways to use it.

#1-stack a number of papers together, staple so they don't shift. Trace your design onto the top paper and stitch through your machine with needle but no thread. This perforation can be used with powder to mark your top, or you could pin a paper onto your top and stitch following the design.

#2 - you could trace your quilt pattern onto the number of papers that you need and then pin those and quilt following the pattern.

I used it with good results. The onion skin paper tears really easily when removing, and water will wash away any little pieces that are still left.


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Thanks for the input. This was the first time I ever used this technique. It worked pretty well. I just did it in the center of my quilt--about a 12" block emblem design. Not sure I'd want to do a whole quilt this way though, I kind of like drawing with thread as I go, but for big center designs--you can't beat it.

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