Inexpensive Hanging Flower Pots

CassandraMay 6, 2013

I have a very nice large porch facing north, east, and west. I like to hang large flower pots on each side for a total of 8. In past years I've bought "ready to hang" flowers but they are really getting expensive ($50.00-70 each!). This year I'd like to economize by investing in hanging pots and Miracle Grow, and relying my own not-very-green thumb. Does anyone have suggestions for inexpensive flowers or plants that are not very fussy? I would like: pretty, colorful, and the inclusion of some trailing-type vine.


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I put Sweet potato vine in mine....covers the pot and hangs down..I put vinas, petunias and snapdragons to give it color. In other pots I put vinca vine with impatients and/or marygolds for color. Depends on the amount of light you get. I also have a pot of geraniums only. Also hanging can use pansies if you need a shady plant. Lots of fun things.

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Lobelia is easy and trails.

Sweet William (dianthus) does well in pots and comes in a variety of colors. Doesn't trail, but gets thick and fills the pot nicely. Mix in some alyssum for a delicate look.

Wave petunias do great, too, but if you are in a really hot area, they can get leggy.

You might try some coleus. Has great color without blooms and likes containers.

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Both my children get me two Boston Ferns each and they never pay over $15 each - sometimes they find them at Walmart for less than $10.

My local Ace has nice hanging baskets for $14.50 each but they are mostly petunias and begonias. Not seeing a "mix" in the cheaper stuff. I love hanging basket of impatience, but not seeing many this year because of the "disease" that has been running rampant in impatience.

You should be able to start your own for less than $15 each at Lowes or Walmart or a reasonable priced nursery. Get creative!

I have never seen a $50 hanging basket :).

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In NY hanging baskets easily go for $50 or higher.

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Debbi Branka

I get large fuchsia baskets for $12.99. They need water every 2 days, but otherwise are very hearty (Detroit area). I also get mandevilla baskets ($19.99 each). The bloom from now through November. They love to attach and climb or spread.

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I bought nice looking wire hanging baskets and coco fiber liners at a discount shop a few seasons back. I remove the plastic hangers from (cheap! sorry) hanging baskets from Lowes or Walmart and plop the plastic pots right in the new, classier looking wire baskets and liners. Works wonderfully.

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I have the same problem. I have a cape with a wrap around porch. I would need 8 hangers to fill it however all three sides get different light. And while I try to have matching hangers not all of them do well because of the different exposure. I plant them myself and have always used sweet potatoe vine that does well but I haven't found a good flowering annual to add color that can take full sun all day and partial shade all day. The hunt is on!

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I've tried both Wave Petunias and lobelia. They look good in early summer, but soon get leggy and aren't so pretty. Maybe I don't give them good enough care. I've had very good luck with Vinca and looks nice paired with sweet potato vine. Also New Guinea Impatiens are great for baskets. They do require watering everyday during hot weather, but are easy to care for otherwise.

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