How to get rid of the scattered flour in the kitchen?

JeniferLee697April 14, 2014

Well, as you know, we easily get into trouble when we knead dough in the kitchen, the flour will spread anywhere. We are hard to do other things like answering the phone if the hands are sticky as well as cleaning the kitchen afterwards. Is there any good solution to avoid such problem?

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I don't find kneading dough to be troublesome. I have granite counters and just knead the dough right on the floured counter. Clean up is easy. Just use a dough scraper to collect it all and scoop it into my hand and toss in the garbage can. Wipe my counters down with a wet paper towel and done.
You could try doing the majority of the dough kneading
in a KA mixer. Leaving you just a minor amount of kneading on the counter to make sure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. NancyLouise

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Another tactic is to use your sink as a dry sink.......put your bowl in the sink, do some preliminary kneading and addition of flour in the bowl to contain the mess, and then transfer to your counter to finish it.

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If my hands are sticky I don't answer the phone, unless I am expecting an urgent or important call. They can leave a message.

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Vedazu, what a great expression calling the sink 'the dry sink' ! I love it. I often do that while baking and this is really convenient, particularly as I am short. I learned something today!

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My KA does most of the work..if I need to knead further, I usually do it dry on my Corian or only small amounts of flour..don't ever need my bench scraper.

Pie crust and cookies are rolled out on a silicone mat, barely floured.

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As for answering the phone, have a baggie(not the zippered kind, the thinner ones) near by, stick your hand in it before you pick up the phone.

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This post appears to be a cyberbot type post.

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"This post appears to be a cyberbot type post."

That's what I thought. This "Jenifer" put up another post at the same time - about vegetable juicing, I think - that actually contained an advertising link.

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