Polaris or Pentair?

busylizzyOctober 5, 2010

Well, the piece o junk Viper cleaner finally died 2 weeks before labor day.

As pricy as the parts are I looked at replacements.

Down to the final 2 and cannot decide on which is a better product, the Legend or Polaris 260. I have a booster pump, so that is not an issue. I can use it, or not.

Really dont want suction side, as I have mature landscaping and trees, so when the wind blows alot of debris.

Any thoughts or recommends?

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Polaris 280 for me

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I install Polaris 280's all of the time, they are great and last forever. Occasionally you will need to replace the bag but that is a small cost for the easy work that the cleaner does.

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280 and the Legend is a dead heat.


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