Replacing Polaris 380 sweep

dalehilemanOctober 6, 2010

I'd like to find a sweep like the one I owned years ago, replacing it with a Polaris 380

The 380, powered by the same booster, has a swishing tail with rings that scrape away deposits and reduce larger particles which are eventually carried away to our sand filter by recirculation as well as boasting upward directed jets that suck lighter particles into a bag at its top

However my predecessor had bestowed upon us a similar sweep with tail but no bag and having used it for a couple of years before replacing it with the 380 I found it perfectly satisfactory except for the occasional larger chunk which I swept up manually

However the 380 has two distinct disadvantages: (1) the bag wears out quickly and costs $33 to replace and (2) its path isn't sufficiently random so every day it leaves a large patch unswept, requiring me regularly to pull it up and change the potion of its rear jet so as to alter its habit

But in our previous sweep without bag the rear jet was mechanized to slowly rotate thereby ensuring a more random habit. So if I could find one of the latter construction in spite of lacking the bag it might replace my 380 so I'd be much indebted if anyone could provide a link to such a product--thanks most kindly all for your interest and patience

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Forgive me but I failed to mention whyI had switched: The original sweep, which I would like to have kept forever, was discontinued so I'm hoping it might be available under another name or some other firm might make a similar product

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