Merlin Smart Mesh and Spa cover question

nypoolnoviceOctober 3, 2010

I got some cover quotes. We decided to go with Merlin, but I don't know if the Smart Mesh is worth the extra money. They say it keeps out sunlight and prevents algae.

Smart Mesh: $3,000

Regular (Dura-Mesh): $2,500.

Anyone with experience know if the Smart Mesh is worth the extra 500?

Also, we have a spillover spa, and we still want to use it now, in October, but the pool needs to be covered because the leaves are flying. Is is common to get a separate cover and keep the spa open for an extra month?

thanks for any input.


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Is the spa raised?


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yes the spa is raised 14". They have an "up and over" option, where the straps attache to the deck, or they have a cable option that attaches to the spa wall.

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I would just close the pool. The up and over with wedge bolsters to fill the spaces next to the spa. The Smart Mesh is worth the extra money. Dura-Mesh lets in too much light. Smart Mesh does not stretch and relies on the springs for give when a snow load comes calling but it keeps the light out.

Put an automatic pump on the swim out step, if you have a swim out. It's usually an inch or two lower than the 1st step at the shallow end.

With a two cover system, the spa cover winds up looking like a mess. The wall treatments are just noodles, very lame. They blow away.

One other thing I don't like about Merlin is they don't like to listen to special instructions. When I measure a pool with a dive stand, one of my marks is typically centered at the edge of the pool, centered under the dive stand. When I tell Loop Loc no straps within 12" either side, they listen and Merlin doesn't. Merlin sends a dive stand kit which is a PITA.

Merlin does make a very good cover. I prefer Loop Loc's offering and service level.


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